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5 Contemporary Offices with Modern Furniture

5 Contemporary Offices with Modern Furniture

Modern companies provide a variety of benefits and perks to their employees to stay competitive and contemporary. Newly-structured flex time, leisure rooms, vacations, and unique team building activities are just some of the modern changes that offices are making to make employees comfortable.

Another aspect that is key to this shift is designing an office with modern decor and modern furniture. Modern office furniture and unique designs make your work space more appealing, more comfortable for employees, and provide a fun atmosphere that fosters creativity and productivity.

Check out these contemporary offices with modern furniture that stand out from your typical cubicle set up.

Adobe Systems Inc. (California)
This global software company boasts a contemporary setting where employees can hit the gym, get a snack from the in-house pastry chef, meditate, or even learn to cook. Adobe is a great example of modern office culture at work.

The decor and modern furniture for offices is evident at Adobe. Bar stools and benches within work spaces give employees a different environment to discuss ideas in, instead of a simple meeting room. The multiple cafes in the office feature modern dining chairs to provide comfort and stand out from other restaurants. The office also features modern outdoor furniture on the patio that employees can use at any time.

The modern office furniture at Adobe helps to spark creativity as it provides a variety of places and environments for employees to discuss, brainstorm, and come up with new ideas. This is a key feature of working in an office with modern furniture.

Adobe Inc.

Google Canada (Waterloo)
The Waterloo office of Google Canada opened in 2016, so it's no wonder that it's one of the most modern offices in the world. The science fiction-themed office features a rock climbing wall, a secret room in a library, and a gym.

The work spaces at Google Canada Waterloo feature differently-coloured rooms to fit in with the theme. High-backed chairs, deep red seating, and benches in shared work space are modern, bright, and comfortable to give employees options for where to meet. The “blue library” is a cozy room with large, comfortable modern office furniture reminiscent of a traditional meeting room in this old-meets-new office space. We'd expect nothing less in terms of modern furniture in the Google office!

Google Canada

MLSE (Toronto)
The Maple Leaf Sport and Entertainment head offices in downtown Toronto exude the professional, fast-paced atmosphere that the company represents. With bar stools, comfortable office chairs, and modern occasional chairs scattered throughout meeting spaces and work areas, the MLSE offices provide a welcoming and open environment for employees.

The MLSE offices feature modern furniture by sohoConcept, the Rebecca 4 Star Chair and Tango End Table. Fitting with the neutral colours and modern environment, this office furniture helps make MLSE one of the most modern office spaces in Toronto.


AirBNB (California)
AirBNB's San Francisco office was recently expanded to make room for the company's growing business and team. Being a game-changing company, it makes sense that they would have one of the most modern offices and decor to boot. Each area of the office gets inspiration from a different city and it is reflected in the decor. The entire office is set up to feel like different neighbourhoods, with 'homes' and separated work spaces for employees.

Because of this theme, while AirBNB includes modern bar stools, modern chairs, and modern desks and tables, it also boasts a variety of comfortable lounge chairs and sofas. Employees can relax or work in very comfortable environments, fostering creativity and flexibility – two features that the company itself works to promote.

AirBNB (California)

Dropbox (California)
It's no surprise that the Dropbox head offices in San Francisco also made our list of the most modern offices and furniture. Designed around promoting collaboration between employees, it features different areas aimed at promoting subculture and camaraderie. Featuring curved lines with bright pops of colour, the Dropbox offices feature some of the most calming work spaces on our list.

Most of the office has neutral walls and floors, or pastel colours to help employees stay relaxed. The modern office furniture is where the pops of colour come out. In both the meeting areas, employee work areas, or break rooms, the furniture is large, modern, and comfortable. Another modern aspect of this office is the lighting – different in each space, it is unique and keeps the office space feel connected to the outside.


Modern Office Furniture by sohoConcept

sohoConcept has provided modern office furniture to office spaces all around the world. We can help you find the right furniture for a contemporary office design to help your employees relax, feel at home, and be more productive. Whether you need modern chairs for a cafe, contemporary sofas for a break room, or desks for meeting rooms, we can help.