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Brighten Your House with SohoConcept’s Mirrors

I think we can all agree on the fact that we’ve spent a lot more time in our house this summer. You can increase the brightness of your house to get more of that summer time brightness by using one of Sohoconcept’s mirrors​.

Anna Mirror

This mirror from our ​Anna collection​ has a wooden border to give it a sophisticated look and can easily go with your room theme. You can select from two border colours – wenge oak and walnut finish. This mirror has a modern design with its shelf, making it a good mirror to put in your bedroom. Put this near your entrance door to get even more brightness in your house.


Malta Mirror

This mirror from our ​Malta collection​ comes in three different sizes. It has a wide frame with two colours to choose from – wenge oak and walnut finish. With its different sizes and colours of frame to choose from, you find the ideal one to match the theme and concept of your bedroom. SohoConcept recommends hanging this mirror on a wall in a bedroom given its rectangular shape. Your room will be even brighter when you wake up, making sure you get all that summer energy!

malta mirror

Malta Mirror with Shelf:

This mirror from our ​Malta collection also has a shelf​, allowing you to put your phone or any small belongings on it. Its walnut finish frame gives it a sophisticated look to stand out and also match many themes. It is also available in three different sizes, giving you the option to pick which one will match your room theme more. We recommend putting this mirror in a dining room near a window. This will make your house even brighter while eating dinner, and will give your room a modern and sophisticated look.

malta mirror with shelf

Time to Shop

Now that we have given you some helpful advice, it’s time for you to look more into detail about our mirrors. You can explore the different sizes and colours to see which mirror(s) will be ideal for your house. Adding more brightness will add more of a summer vibe to your house. SohoConcept ensures that you will find ​ modern furniture​ to suit your theme while being comfortable. Contact us today for any further questions and advice!