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Caring for Furniture: Wood, Fabric, and Metal

Caring for Furniture: Wood, Fabric, and Metal

High quality furniture is an investment for the future. You want to be able to enjoy your furniture pieces for years to come. To do this, you have to ensure you’re caring for it properly. Whether made of wood, metal, or fabric, there are some easy tips you can keep in mind to keep your modern furniture looking like new.

Caring for Wood Furniture

Caring for wood furniture will differ depending on the finish of the wood. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure your wood furniture is long lasting. Dust wood furniture frequently to avoid the buildup of dirt, which can get caught in the grains and be much more difficult to clean if left for too long. Wood furniture should always be kept away from excessive heat or sunlight, as this can dry it out and cause discoloration. It’s a good idea to keep your wood furniture away from any heaters, radiators, or AC units for this reason.

For daily care, ensure you use coasters and avoiding putting hot or cold things directly on the wood. Heat or sweating glasses can leave stains on the wood. Wipe small spills with a gentle cloth, water, and mild soap. Always wipe it down dry afterwards.

Wood furniture can be polished or wax every few months to keep it looking new. Depending on the existing finish and type of wood, the frequency and need for this will change.

Caring for Metals

If your furniture has stainless steel, it is usually very easy to take care of. Because it is scratch and stain resistant, you can wipe away any spills with a damp cloth or using mild soap. You don't have to worry about long term staining or rusting on stainless steel.

On metals like aluminum or chrome, you have to be careful about scratching the surfaces. Using a soft, damp cloth with mild soap can remove spills. Don’t use scouring pads or sponges as these can easily scratch the surface of chrome or aluminum and take away its lustre.

Caring for Furniture Materials

Furniture can be upholstered with a variety of materials. At sohoConcept, we offer many material options for our different pieces. Each type of material has its own specific cleaning instructions to keep the furniture looking new and well-kept. As a general rule, regularly vacuuming different materials, flipping loose cushions, rotating furniture and sitting in different areas are great ways to ensure the furniture stays clean and doesn’t get worn, no matter what the material type.

Caring for leather furniture is necessary to keep it looking new. To take care of leather, keep it away from excessive heat and light. Wipe spills with a damp cloth immediately or else they will be absorbed into the material and leave stains. You can use leather cleaner for larger stains, or mild soap and leave it to air dry. If you spill oil or grease on leather, you should wipe it away immediately but don’t use water as this will make the stain absorb in to the fabric.

Leatherette or other acrylic materials are very easy to keep clean and care for. They are not typically porous and won’t absorb spills or stains easily. Wiping the material down with a damp cloth is usually enough to remove a spill or stain, although you can also use mild soap or vinegar to remove stains or odours.

Wool furniture is a little bit more difficult to take care of. You should vacuum it regularly with an upholstery attachment, not a brush. Brushing wool will wear it down and thin it out. If a spill or stain occurs, you can soak it up with an absorbent cloth but don’t dry the area completely or the stain may set. Let it air dry instead. In the case of large stains, you can use wool-specific detergents or other cleaning solutions for oil-based stains.

sohoConcept offers furniture in a variety of materials to fit your design and practical needs. We can help you find furniture that will fit your lifestyle and make caring for modern furniture easy.