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SohoConcept is synonymous with modern, elegant and well-crafted pieces of furniture that enhance any room or living and commercial space in your life. Our commitment to timeless design and fine craftsmanship means that we only create pieces for you that will stand the test of time.

We love working with clients from a variety of different industries, especially restauranteurs and property developers. Our designs are not only classic but versatile, which means that we can deliver restaurant furniture that is unique, functional and, most importantly, a pleasure for your future diners.

As one of the leading boutique restaurant furniture manufacturers in North America, we deliver restaurant furniture that has the quality and feel of artisan craft but we have the manufacturing ability to scale production for all different types of need. Whether you’re restaurant space is the next watering hole for young professionals in the city, a local coffee house that provides the best handcrafted espressos, or an opulent dining room, we have the perfect pieces to bring your vision to life.

Our list of clients include: Jacob’s Steak House (Toronto), Le Meridian, Charlotte (North Carolina), Aroma Espresso Bar (Toronto), Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge, 360 Restaurant, CN Tower (Toronto).

With this range of experience serving clients in the food industry, we understand the unique aesthetic needs for your next big project. We work with you to scale your orders so we can deliver handful of items as accent pieces and large bulk orders.

For tasteful and functional wholesale restaurant furniture, don’t waste your time with other retailers or manufacturers and choose sohoConcept.

Create a Beautiful Dining Space with sohoConcept

sohoConcept’s collections are adaptable to your needs. We believe in strong and simple design with a range of customizations to fit all design concepts.

Often when restauranteurs reach out to us, they have a specific idea in mind of what they’d like their dream dining establishment to include. We try to honor those ideas and visions and make sure that we deliver sleek, elegant, and functional pieces that help make their vision a reality.

Our approach has always been to provide endless customizations in a range of high quality furniture options for commercial dining spaces.

Our collection of stools and chairs would be ideal for any bar, lounge or formal dining space. With a range of bold and durable upholstery choices as well as solid wood, metal and swivel bases, you can create pieces that stand out or enhance any décor.

Every dining space needs reliable and beautiful tables. Our clients can make their selections from our collection of dining tables, glass tables, and coffee tables. Our large dining tables (Madrid, Anne, Malibu, Bosphorous) are ideal for clients who want to create open “beer hall style” dining spaces where huge groups of foodies can gather and share in their revelry.

The Malta range of bookcases (in Wenge Oak, Walnut and White Laquer) isn’t just perfect for books. Floating installation means that they add an interesting architectural feature to the walls of your restaurant and create a space where you can feature works by your favourite local artist or craftsperson.

The Anna Mirror and the Malta Mirror (Wenge Oak and Walnut) are simply designed and are easy to hang. The size and form of these mirrors, when added to the right space in the right way, creates light and the feeling of extra space in a dining area. The beautiful wood features of these mirrors create warmth and help ground the levity in a décor.

A restaurant isn’t just a place to get great food. You want to create a space and experience that will keep food enthusiasts coming back for more and telling their friends that they have to visit. SohoConcept can help you create that space.

Why sohoConcept?

When you choose sohoConcept to help you create your next exciting restaurant space, you know and trust that we stand for high quality customizable furnishing. Every unique interaction is important to us and we take the time to get to know your needs and deliver options that make your diners feel welcome and comfortable.

If you’re in Manhattan, stop by or showroom to see in-person the beauty in each of our pieces. If you’re not in NYC, we have authorized retailers who carry select items and specialize in sohoConcept designs. Otherwise, consult a catalogue and contact us today to discuss your needs and our team will be happy to explore the options available.