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Creating the Perfect Dining Space in a Condo

Creating the Perfect Dining Space in a Condo

Most condos and apartments don't come with a lot of extra space. In most cities, condos won't have a dedicated dining room. But this doesn't mean you have to eat dinner on your couch every night!

Creating a dining space in a condo is a combination of finding the right furniture, using the space as well as possible, and using decor to your advantage. Because of the surge in condo living the last decade, furniture designers have created some beautiful dining room furniture perfect for these smaller spaces. If you find the right table, counter space, dining chairs, and bar stools, along with the right decor, you can create a perfect dining space in your condo!

Inspiration for Creating Dining Spaces in Condos

Compact Dining Chairs

Choosing dining chairs for a condo takes a little bit of work. You want to avoid bulky seating and choose compact chairs to take up minimal space. Rolling chairs that can easily tuck under a table when they're not in use are a great option for saving space. Stackable chairs may also work well in your space, such as the Uni 550 or Nassau 533. These simple chairs can be stacked along a wall and double as a plant holder or bookshelf when not in use.

Always make sure to take measurements before you buy any dining chairs for your condo. It can be hard to gauge space, and you may overestimate how much room you have and buy too many chairs or chairs that are too large.

Use Art and Decor to Separate

If you just have one large living space in your condo, it can be difficult to separate your living room area from your dining room area. The best way to do this is with some specific design and decor choices.

Using different artwork on the wall around your small dining table and chairs can help separate it as its own space. Putting a rug down under the table is another great example. What we see a lot is people hanging a mirror on the nearest wall as this works double-duty – it's a different type of decor, separating it from the rest of the room, and it makes the space appear bigger. Floating shelves with wine glasses or plants are also a great way to carve out the space. As long as you have some decor to differentiate the space from the rest of the condo, you'll feel like you have your own separate dining room!

Embrace Nooks, Windows, and Corners

When finding modern furniture and decor for your condo, it can be hard to shake the traditional design rules of using space. Trying not to block windows or make something feel cramped is what we're always taught, but you're already in a small condo – you don't have negative space to sacrifice!

If you have a sliding glass door or floor to ceiling windows, these don't have to be totally clear. You can treat it like a corner in your space and put your table and stools or chairs along it. Against windows and in nooks, you can use benches as seating to save space. L-shaped benches can work wonders and you can forgo chairs all together.

Explore Tables

Even small dining tables may still be too large for your space, even with the right planning and decorating. Bar tables are usually slim, narrow, and perfect for one or two bar stools to nestle in nicely. You don't need a four person dining table in a small space – just one or two seats will do!

sohoConcept's Tango Collection is available at bar height. With only a 22 inch base diameter, it can easily fit in the smallest of spaces. The Tiffany bar stools are a great accompaniment with their low backs, making them appear smaller. Just because you may not be able to fit a traditional dining table doesn't mean you don't get a dedicated dining space!

Time to Design your Perfect Dining Space

If you're moving into a condo and want to preserve a dining space, you can do it with the right furniture and design. sohoConcept offers a dining room tables and chairs that are perfect for small spaces. If you definitely don't have room for a dining table, we've got modern bar stools that can fit along a counter space easily to give you somewhere to separate from your living room.

Check us out on Instagram @sohoconcept to get inspiration for small spaces and find the perfect.