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Decorating Your Bedroom with Modern Furniture-the Right Way

Decorating Your Bedroom with Modern Furniture-the Right Way

Bedrooms are a room in the home that often get neglected when it comes to decorating and style. Because they aren't a place where visitors, or even residents, spend a lot of time, it can be easy to keep the same furniture, decor, and design in a bedroom for years.

At sohoConcept, we believe that the bedroom should be a place of sanctuary, relaxing, and calmness. There are so many design opportunities in bedrooms that can be employed for a relaxing and creative environment.

With our tips for decorating your bedroom, you can have a modern space in no time!

Tips for A Modern Bedroom

Calming Colours
Bedrooms should be the most relaxing place in a house where you can feel at ease after a long day. Using calm, soothing colours in a bedroom can help ensure your bedroom is a relaxing, tranquil place.

Walls, flooring, accessories, and furniture can all be part of a calm colour scheme. Beiges, light grey, misty blue, pastel green – all of these colours create a serene environment that can help you feel more relaxed. Jarring colours like red, orange, and purple can sometimes be too bright for a bedroom because they don't inspire you to relax.

When it comes to a bedroom, light coloured bedding and furniture is a good way to help contribute to a good night's rest!

Creative Headboards
Having a bedframe that allows for easy headboard installation and switching is a great way to ensure your bedroom decor can be refreshed regularly! Headboards allow for some fun creativity and can help tie a bedroom design together. Headboards can be chosen to match other modern furniture in your bedroom, like the bedframe, chairs, and desk or vanity.

If you like to change up your bedroom style regularly, using hanging curtains as a headboard is a cost-effective and fun way to change your “headboard” regularly!

Lighting Options
Having different lighting options in your bedroom allows for you to choose lighting based on your mood. Having just one overhead light gives you two options – on or off. Having a dimmer switch or different lighting fixtures allows you to choose the level of light you want in your bedroom.

You also have the option of hooking your lighting up to a smart device so you can use your voice to control the brightness of a room. A little more advanced than clap on clap off lights!

Multiple Textures
If you're using a simple, neutral colour scheme for your bedroom, using multiple textures in your design will make your bedroom more modern and feel more homey. Using faux fur blankets, tweed pillows, cotton sheets, wood furniture – all of these together make your bedroom feel more “lived-in” and help make you feel more at home.

If you have the space, seating is a must for a modern bedroom. A chair or two, or a small loveseat, is an important piece of furniture to have for you to relax with. Having somewhere to read, check your phone, or unwind before you go to sleep in your bed is a good option to create a separation between your bed and the rest of your furniture.

Using your bed for strictly sleeping instead of for relaxing and unwinding as well can help improve sleep patterns and relaxation while you're trying to fall asleep. If you can use a modern chair in your bedroom to unwind before bed, it can help you fall asleep faster!

A large occasional chair, like the Laguna Armchai or Barcelona Armchair, are great options for comfortable chairs for a modern bedroom.

Looking to Redesign your Bedroom?

Bedrooms are a great room for you to experiment with designs. As a room that usually guests won't see, the bedroom provides you an opportunity to mix textures, patterns, colours, and furniture pieces without worrying too much about the end product. You can find designs and styles that appeal to you, which you can then extend to the rest of the more public areas of your home.

At sohoConcept, we can help you find the perfect modern furniture pieces for your bedroom to fit with any colour scheme or style. Our modern furniture is available in a variety of textures, colours, and sizes for any bedroom design.