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Design and Modern Furniture Trends in 2017

Design and Modern Furniture Trends in 2017

With 2017 only a couple of weeks away, we’ve been thinking about what modern furniture trends and design ideas will appear and be popular in the new year. There have been a lot of predictions so far in 2016, so we’ll talk about our favourite predictions for modern furniture trends in 2017.

Up and Coming 2017 Furniture Trends

Bring Back the 60s

A lot of recent design trends are reminiscent of previous decades. For modern furniture trends in 2017, we’re expecting to see some design elements from the 1960s. For example, simple, curved dining and occasional chairs are coming back into style. Many designers are redesigning popular chairs from the 1960s.

At sohoConcept, we have a variety of styles of dining chairs and occasional chairs that fit in this trend. Our Buca Metal chair and Dervish Plywood chair are two of our dining chairs that have these curves reminiscent of the 1960s. Our new Metalmobil line features the Uni-ka 594, a chair with the traditional curves of the 1960s but with a padded texture for a modern look. You don’t have to worry about your dining room looking dated with these modern updates of retro furniture.

Buca Metal Chair
Buca Metal Chair
Dervish Plywood Chair
Dervish Plywood Chair
Dark Woods

The last few years have seen a focus on light-coloured woods. Sanding has become a common practice for interior designers everywhere. In 2017, dark woods will become more and more common in a variety of applications. Tables, cabinets, floors, chairs – dark woods will be much more popular in all these furniture pieces.

sohoConcept provides a variety of wood base options for our furniture, including dark colours. We use solid beech and American walnut with walnut and wenge colours. This trend of dark wood colours fits with a variety of decors and atmospheres. It exudes professionalism and class, whereas light wood can be more casual.

Mixed Metals

A trend that we love! Mixed metals makes for easy decorating and matching (or mismatching!) with your furniture. Chrome stools can match with brass fixtures, or dark steel appliances, or gold décor. As long as you keep the metals understated and simple, mixing them will be a perfect fit for the 2017 design trends.

Using sohoConcept’s Polo Metal Stool will match black stainless steel appliances in the home, other brass accents on furniture, or metal decor around an office. You can be free to choose the styles that you love without worrying about using the same metals.

Reading Nooks

With technology taking over so many aspects of our lives, the idea of an ‘escape’ is becoming more popular in businesses and homes alike. Having a reading nook, small room, or other area where one can go to relax free of technology is a great way to provide this escape from too much technology and a place to relax throughout the day. With homes and businesses becoming more open concept, these nooks also provide a great place to take a moment to yourself when feeling overwhelmed.

Our Simena Armchair and Boston Armchair are both inviting and perfect for curling up with a good book. They can fit easily into a small space, perfect for one person. Our Madison 4-Star chair, available in wool, is perfect for a comfortable escape when you need a break at the office or a moment away from technology. These pieces, and many others, will do perfectly in this upcoming trend of reading nooks.

Colour: Dark Green

One of the colours predicted to be popular this year is a deep emerald green. With many of our pieces available in shades of green, we’re very excited about this at sohoConcept! Deep greens help create an organic, earthy atmosphere and match with a variety of metals. Chrome, black steel, brass – these metals all work nicely with shades of deep green.

Whatever new design and furniture trends in 2017 appear, always make sure you decorate your business or home to your taste. If you love a trend that’s on its way out, keep using it. If you can’t stand some of the predicted ones, just wait for them to fade out in a couple years. As long as you develop your own style, your designs and furniture will be inviting and appealing.

At sohoConcept, we’re excited to see what the 2017 design trends have in store for modern furniture!