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Ergonomic Modern Furniture

Ergonomic Modern Furniture

Ergonomic furniture has been used in work environments like offices for decades. However, the benefits of ergonomic furniture can also be enjoyed in the home, even on seating and furniture that is not used daily.

Choosing ergonomic modern furniture for our offices and homes allows us to be comfortable, productive, and avoid suffering from various injuries and stresses. SohoConcept is proud to provide modern furniture that is both comfortable, stylish, and ergonomic.

Ergonomic Office Chairs for Daily Use

Office chairs are often the most important furniture piece to be ergonomic. Working in an office often includes sitting for multiple hours per day – a situation that can create pressures on the body and lead to repetitive stress injuries.

Ergonomic office chairs need to be able to adjust the seat easily and regularly. This is so people can change their position regularly throughout the day to avoid remaining stationary. An ergonomic office chair should work to improve your posture while you're sitting down. It should prevent you from hunching forward and allow you to keep your back straight, in line with its natural curve. The height should also be appropriate for typing and looking and a computer screen. Being able to adjust the height of the office chair allows you to protect your vision, since you will be looking at your computer at an angle conducive to ocular health.

Using modern ergonomic office chairs help reduce repetitive injury strains. SohoConcept's Tulip Arm Office chair is a traditional ergonomic office chair with a modern twist. The curved top adds the modernity that a regular office chair is missing. The Harput Office Chair also provides ergonomic support, with its rigid shape fitting in perfectly in the most modern office.

Modern Ergonomic Dining Chairs

Dining chairs, whether for the home or for a restaurant, also need to be ergonomic. Using ergonomic dining chairs in a restaurant means your customers will be more comfortable, more relaxed, and stay longer.

Dining chairs should provide support for the lower back and compliment the spine's natural curve, like an office chair. If there is no support for the lower back, customers will have to lean forward to sit uncomfortably rigid in their chair. The seat shouldn't be too deep or too shallow, or else customers will slide in the chair. If it is too low or too high, they will be at an uncomfortable height for trying to eat or drink.

Having armrests on dining chairs, while it takes up more space at the table, also allows your customers to relax and be more comfortable. Ergonomic dining chairs also require padding and cushioning that will last. You want your customers to be comfortable, and you don't want to have to replace your chairs or cushions every few months. Buying chairs with high quality materials is necessary to prevent this.

Two of our most popular ergonomic modern dining chairs are the Soho Sled Wood and Pasha Arm. Sleek, modern, and available in many colours and materials, these ergonomic dining chairs are a perfect fit for any restaurant environment and will keep your customers coming back.

Ergonomic Bar Stools

While a simpler construction than office chairs or dining chairs, bar stools can also be ergonomic to provide comfort to those sitting at the counter or bar. The more comfortable your customers, the more food and drinks they'll stay for!

Often, bar stools just consist of a seat. However, for a restaurant where people may sit for a few hours, it is more ergonomic for stools to have a backrest. The backrest should be over 18 cm and support the lower and mid back. Armrests are also helpful for posture and relaxing the shoulders. Important for bar stools is having a footrest readily available. If a customer's feet are dangling or hitting the bar, it puts undue stress on the muscles and joints and can lead to discomfort, not to mention damage to your bar.

SohoConcept's Lara Piston and Soho Metal Stools are comfortable, provide back support, and a footrest so your customers will be comfortable. Our bar stools are made of the highest quality materials and can stand up to daily use.

For more information about our ergonomic modern furniture, contact us. At sohoConcept, we want you to be comfortable, stylish, and be able to use our furniture for years to come.