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Following Modern Furniture & Design Trends

Following Modern Furniture & Design Trends

When it comes to interior design and modern furniture trends, we are often torn between choosing what is trendy and what we like. Of course sometimes these overlap, but often, our personal style and preferences don't match the sometimes loud and outrageous designs that become popular.

It is often more difficult for us to choose trendy designs for our furniture, homes, and offices because decorating an apartment is a much larger commitment than buying a new pair of fashionable shoes. Most of us aren't able to completely redecorate a space every few months!

This is why it's particularly important in design and modern furniture trends to find inspiration from your own personal tastes and preferences. Looking at these modern design trends and deciding what you like, what fits with your personal taste, and what doesn't, is the best way to keep your home or workplace modern and trendy, while also allowing for a design that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Modern Furniture Trends

Delicate Designs

Simple, delicate furniture is one of the hottest design and modern furniture trends right now. Whether it is thin fixtures, minimalist lighting, or compact furniture, a dainty, natural look is very popular. This provides a clean, clear atmosphere in a room without feeling uncomfortable or too postmodern. This look can feel feminine, and is especially effective in bedrooms and living rooms.

SohoConcept's modern dining chair Uni 550, a recent addition to our collection, has the thin lines that put it under this trend perfectly.

Mixing materials and metals

The days of matchy-matchy in furniture and interior design have long passed. We've written about mixing metals as a modern furniture trend before, but this also extends to the materials as well. Mixing fabrics, patterns, and leathers is no longer taboo – the more materials, the better for this trend! It's a good opportunity for you to have fun without being restricted by colours, materials, and metals that need to go together.

Unique Shapes

Shapes are especially fun to explore in furniture. High backs, rounded sides, square, rigid edges – any geometric shape with a strong or unique silhouette is trendy in 2017. Don't stick to the traditional furniture shapes – try something different with this trend this year!

SohoConcept's modern occasional chairs come in a variety of shapes and silhouettes to fit with this trend and with any decor. Our Dervish line, such as the Dervish 4 Star High Back, has a unique rounded shape, whereas our Harput Swivel Lounge has rigid, sharp edges.

Whether you like to closely follow modern furniture and design trends, stick to your own aesthetic, or use a mix of both, sohoConcept has you covered.