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Furnishing a Cafe with Modern Furniture

Furnishing a Cafe with Modern Furniture

The idyllic cafe is one straight out of Paris - simple, thin tables, deep, high-backed armchairs, and tall barstools along a sleek, wood counter. Espresso and croissants are served on small plates while students study and couples chat.

Creating the perfect ambiance for a coffee shop is pivotal to its success. A design and furniture that is too cold doesn’t invite people to sit and relax. Something too traditional and cozy isn’t conducive to studying and productivity. Finding the perfect balance between cozy, modern, and traditional is key for any cafe!

Modern furniture in a cafe is a great way to invite people in to relax or work while still ensuring your customers are comfortable. sohoConcept has some modern furniture pieces that will work great in a coffee shop or cafe!


Comfortable modern armchairs in a cafe are key for inviting your customers to relax, read, or study for a while. Many cafes have sections set up with sofas and armchairs for customers looking to relax with their coffee or pastry. Nothing invites people to curl up with a good book and a coffee more than a cozy armchair!

Deep and comfortable armchairs, such as sohoConcept’s Conrad Armchair, Istanbul Armchair, or Washington 4 Star are available in a variety of muted colours and shades to encourage relaxation. If your cafe has a more industrial look, they are also available in bright colours to act as statement pieces and draw the eye.

istanbul armchair


Most modern cafe furniture includes wooden tables, as these earthy tones can help promote comfort and coziness instead of a hard white or glass tabletop. Depending on the layout of your cafe, you could choose a variety of modern tables to fill your space with. Having large dining tables, like the Bosphorus Dining Table or Anne Dining Table, can be used as seating for large groups or for multiple small groups or solo customers. These have become more and more common in coffee shops, restaurants, and breweries alike for creating a community feel. If your space allows, having multiple smaller tables for groups of three or four accommodates those who just want to spend some time socializing with their group. The Tango Bar Counter Table and Diana Dining Table are great options for these small groups!

Bar Stools

If your cafe has a counter, you can put a few bar stools along it to add some seating for when you’re busier than usual. Bar stools should be simple, light, and easy to move and keep clean. This will allow customers to move them to the counter or a counter table easily, like the Tango Bar Table, and also allow you to keep them clean and orderly. Bar stools also provide the opportunity to mix and match styles, materials, and colours to spice up your design!

A bar stool like the Corona Wire Stool is the perfect simple solution for a cafe bar counter. Available with or without the cushions, they can be easily cleaned and are comfortable enough for those long catch-up sessions that take place in coffee shops!

corona wire stools


Typical cafe chairs are either metal or plastic, so they are easy to clean up somewhere with such a high customer turnover. Most coffee shops prefer these simple dining chairs with tables to ensure they have a longer life and remain comfortable for their customers. sohoConcept’s Metal Mobil line is perfect for any cafe. The modern chairs such as the Uni 550 and Nassau 533 are lightweight, easy to keep clean, and well-made to ensure they last for years under regular use.

Opening or Refreshing Your Coffee Shop?

Cafes and coffee shops are a competitive landscape - in order to stay on top, you have to provide your customers something no one else does. Finding that perfect balance between modern and cozy design can help make your cafe the place to be.

If you’re soon opening a cafe or thinking about refreshing your existing space, sohoConcept can help. Our wide range of modern armchairs, modern tables, and modern barstools can contribute to the aesthetic you want for your cafe. Deep, comfortable sofas and sleek lines help invite people to visit, study, socialize, and relax!

For more information about our modern furniture pieces, contact sohoConcept!