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Furnishing Your Office with Modern Furniture

Furnishing Your Office with Modern Furniture

Having a comfortable, modern office is important both for influencing how your employees feel at work and providing clients with a professional space. Working in or visiting an office with old furniture can be demotivating for employees and clients alike!

Choosing the right modern furniture for an office is a great way to refresh your space without doing an entire office renovation. Finding the right furniture for your lobby, community work spaces, meeting rooms, and at the desks themselves can make all the difference between an out of date space and a modern space.

Upgrade your furniture, and upgrade your business!

Office Chairs

Office chairs that employees use day in and day out should be stylish and unique, but they also have to be comfortable and ergonomic.

For an office chair to be ergonomic, it needs to have an adjustable seat, swivel, and solid back, and a sturdy base. Having spine and hip support while sitting at a desk is key for healthy employees, and the adjustable seat means they can adjust the height to rest their elbows comfortably on their desk and have their screens at eye level.

Finding a modern, ergonomic office chair is easy with sohoConcept. We offer a number of modern office chairs with sturdy design and ergonomic features to ensure they last for years to come. Some of our latest arrivals are the Bottega Office, Tribeca Office, and Gazel Office. These chairs are available in both bright and muted colours to fit with your office aesthetic, and their clean lines make them a perfect addition to any desk or cubicle!

gazel bottega


Choosing chairs for a lobby in an office often depends on the space available. Whether you have a sprawling space that requires a few key pieces, or a small entranceway that needs enough seats to fit waiting clients, choosing the right office lobby chair is key.

sohoConcept has provided lobby furniture to offices across North America and the world. Our Nova Metal Chair, Rebecca Wire, Eiffel Arm, and Soho Flat are just some of our modern chairs that have been featured in office lobbies.

Office lobby furniture needs to be simple enough to stand the test of time, while also being sturdy and well-made to ensure you don't have to replace it often. Leather chairs are often the best option for high-use areas like office lobbies, as they are easier than cloth to clean and will stand up to heavy use.

nova rebecca wire

Work Spaces

Community work spaces can include things like coffee tables, deep chairs, bar stools, high tables, and floor cushions to give employees a different space to work in. These spaces are very modern in their essence – providing space for an employee to think differently or collaborate with peers is a very modern business idea. Using modern furniture just comes with the territory!

Modern bar stools, like the Crescent Wire, at high tables give your employees a space away from their desks to discuss ideas and have meetings in a more public forum. Big, comfortable floor cushions are another aspect of modern community work spaces that are gaining popularity. A great place to sit back, relax, and think, they give modern employees a place to chill out during a busy day!

sohoConcept Can Furnish Your Office!

If you're looking to overhaul your office's look in 2019, sohoConcept can help. We have the modern office furniture to bring your space into the new year stylishly! For modern office chairs, meeting tables, waiting room seats, and community area furniture, visit sohoConcept's catalogue. We have furnished offices around the world – let's see what we can do with yours!

Contact us today for more information or visit our modern furniture catalogue to pick out the best furniture pieces for your space. Contact sohoConcept now!