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How to Design an Elegant and Modern Lounge or Lobby

How to Design an Elegant and Modern Lounge or Lobby
In a hotel, condominium, or apartment building, the lobby is the first thing residents and guests will see. How you design the lobby or lounge will create the atmosphere for the entire building. With elegant and modern lobby furniture, you are setting the tone for your client’s experience.

sohoConcept designs and manufactures unique furniture perfect for creating this modern and smart look for any lobby or lounge. We provide modern lobby furniture for condominiums, apartment buildings and hotels, as well as a variety of other lounges and waiting areas.

One example of our work is our Nova Chrome Chairs used throughout the flagship CIP Lounge of Turkish Airlines in Istanbul, one of the most impressive and largest airport lounges in the world. The Nova Chrome chairs help provide the elite clientele with a sophisticated and comfortable place to await their flights.


With some modern furniture, you can give your lobby or lounge the same stylish and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you need seating for five people or five thousand, sohoConcept can help.

Modern Lounge and Lobby Furniture

Seating is the most important part of designing an elegant and modern lobby or lounge for any building. Your guests, clients, and residents will see this space each day when they enter, and likely spend a great deal of time there. There are some simple solutions for making your seating tasteful and dignified using modern lounge furniture.

In a hotel lobby or lounge, providing ample seating for guests is key for creating a welcoming atmosphere. Hotel guests use the lobby to check in, check out, use the Internet, and plan their day. For this reason, sofas and a variety of chairs can help the guest find a space that suits their needs.

The Laguna Sofa and Istanbul Sofa are both great options for creating a comfortable, modern space. The cushions on the Istanbul Sofa make it perfect for relaxing, while the sleek design of the Laguna Sofa help create a minimalist look. Both styles have matching chairs so you can create a uniform look for your lobby furniture.


The Laguna, Istanbul and California Chairs are also perfect for a condominium or apartment building lobby because of their large size and comfort. Using chaises, benches, or ottomans give people a place to sit for these short times while waiting for a taxi, their friends, or that pizza they ordered!

Smaller chairs are great types of lounge furniture for areas that require a lot of seating - airports, restaurants, train stations, hotels, condominiums, apartment buildings, and many more. sohoConcept’s Soho Sled chair and Harput Wood chair are ideal in this regard. The sleek metal and wooden legs match almost any modern decor. The arms on these chairs are also functional - they can assist guests with standing up and provide comfort if people are waiting for an extended period of time. These chairs make for convenient and elegant temporary seating.


Lighting is absolutely key for creating a modern and elegant lounge. Bright lighting can help make the guest feel at ease. This also adds to the modern feel of a lobby or lounge by helping the colours and contrasts pop and ensuring your clients can see the beautiful furniture you’ve chosen.

Accessories and decor are simple ways to add elegance and luxury to your lobby or lounge. Low tables are great for guest use without taking up a lot of space. Variously sized modern tables can be put among sofas and chairs to create a ‘living room’ feel. Area rugs are very welcoming - just make sure these are easy to keep clean.

Why sohoConcept?

sohoConcept knows modernity and elegance in furniture. We have extensive experience providing unique lobby and lounge furniture to hotels, apartments, condominiums and many other buildings around the world. You can trust that our high quality pieces will create an elegant, modern atmosphere, as well provide comfort for your guests or residents. Each customer interaction is important to us. We take the time to understand your needs and deliver the best options. Let us find the perfect solution for your lobby or lounge.