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How to Use Bright Colors In Your Home Design and Furniture

How to Use Bright Colors In Your Home Design and Furniture

Bright colors can be a little intimidating to work with. Choosing the perfect colors, neutrals to contrast it, and finding the perfect accessories and modern furniture can be daunting. This is why many of us settle on neutral shades to decorate our homes - beige, brown, black, white, grey, maybe adventuring to a little burnt orange or navy blue.

Cheerful colors don’t have to be intimidating or childish. With the right planning and consideration, decorating with bright colors can create a significant impact that you won’t get bored of - or scared of - any time soon!

Working with Colors

If it’s your first foray into decorating with bright color, there are a few simple tips to keep in mind to make the process easier:
● First, choose what neutral you want to pair with your color. When you do this first, you’re able to keep the brights you choose in line without getting overwhelmed or out of control.
● Always test your bright swatches before you commit. Whether it’s fabric or paint, it’s important to bring it home and test it out to see exactly how it’ll look.
● Balance warm and cool colors.
● Magenta and pink are difficult colors to work with - always tone them down with neutrals.

With these in mind, it’s time to take it to the next level!

Bright Accessories in a Neutral Space

If you prefer neutral paint and neutral furniture, you can pair these with some bright accessories to add splash to your space. Gray or beige walls, trim, and furniture provide a solid backdrop for colorful curtains, rugs, pillows, or art. Coordinate the colors in your accessories so that your space has a theme. If your rug has shades of blue and purple, choose purple pillows, blue artwork, or violet decor pieces to tie it all together. With a neutral backdrop, these bright accessories can easily move around and give life to your space.

White with a Pop of Color

Instead of choosing a neutral palette, having a completely white decor with small hints of color can have a lot of impact and works well if you’re looking for something more muted. A bedroom could feature white walls and light furniture with bright accent pillows, a side table, or light fixtures. A bathroom could have bright fixtures or a mirror frame. Using an all-white backdrop instead of a combination of other neutral shades helps to make bright shades and hues pop. Try to add different textures of white to keep the room from falling flat.

Choose a Focal Point

When working with bright colors, it can often be less overwhelming to choose a focal point to keep the room from becoming an eyesore. A brightmodern sofa amongst an otherwise neutral room can be a great pop of color. Some added accessories in a similar color can tie the room together beautifully.

Try a purple or orange sofa like sohoConcept’s Rebecca Sofa. A modern sofa as your room’s focal point in a bright color makes a great statement and gives the eye something to focus on!

rebecca sofa

Unexpected Spots

If you’re looking to get creative with your use of bright color in your design, try experimenting with putting color in some unexpected spots. A pocket door that slides out to reveal bright yellow or green completely changes the tone of an otherwise neutral or monochromatic space. A white bookshelf with a bright blue backing or painted shelves adds a cheery detail. Cupboards or storage that reveal bright pink or red when they’re opened are a nice surprise in a simple design. A neutral kitchen with bright upholstery on modern barstools is another great way to add this unexpected splash!

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to start the new year with a pop of color, sohoConcept can help. Modern sofas, chairs, and bar stools can be great focal points of color in an otherwise neutral room. We offer many of our modern furniture pieces in bright purples, reds, oranges, yellows, blues, and more. At sohoConcept, we’re all about experimenting with color!

View our online catalogue or get in touch with us to get more information about how modern furniture can be used to bring color to your space.