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Living Room Designs

Living Room Designs
There’s no room in your house that is more versatile than your living room. Usually located at the front of the home, this room is typically designed for receiving and entertaining guests. Unlike a den, family room or a rec room, the living room is used more formal and intimate gatherings. In older and grander homes, you might even find the living room adjacent to a bedroom serving as a private sitting room.

The “living room” is a 19th century creation and emerged to replace the front parlour. Emphasis on imparting design and style on the living room also flourished beginning in this period and careful consideration was put into how you’d furnish this room. The living room has also be referred to as a lounge or sitting room, so don’t get confused by all of the interchangeable names when you’re reading up on living room design or shopping for furniture.

Typically, you’d furnish this particular room with a sofa, arm chairs, occasional tables, coffee tables, book shelves, table and floor lamps, as well as beautiful area rugs. In British living rooms, cast iron fireplaces lend living rooms warmth and unique vintage charm. In Japan, living rooms are generally covered with sectioned mats that serve as seating for visitors.

The function and how you ultimately design your living room is up to you. You might want to consider the current layout of your home. Do you have dedicated spaces that serve as a dining and family room? If so, you can dedicate this space to formal dining and entertaining. During the holidays, this might be the room in which you put up your Christmas tree and gather with your family and loved ones to open gifts.

If your living room has to serve multiple purposes, the living room might not just be reserved for formal gatherings and the furnishings will have to be more functional rather than decorative. You might have to consider, for example, putting a television in this room or make space for board games or extra seating.

Figuring Out Your Living Room Style

Make the living room your own.

Once you’ve assessed the current layout of your home and decided the room’s main function, feel free to impart your personal taste and personality on the design. If the room serves many functions, it might make sense to go with a more neutral colour palette, which will allow your furniture and accessories to fit seamlessly. If your furnishings are simple or modern, you can choose a bold and playful colour palette. If you have one piece of stand-out furniture to display (whether it’s an heirloom or vintage piece), accessorize and choose wall and window coverings to highlight this feature in your living room.

Rugs and window treatments can also be statement pieces in a living room. Don’t be afraid to go bold in your choices.

Lighting choices are also particularly important in a living room. Since most living rooms don’t have built in overhead lighting, you’ll need to consider whether you want brighter track lighting options or warmer table and floor lamps that also serve as accent pieces in your living room.

Figuring Out How to Furnish Your Living Room.

Sofas are generally the most significant piece of furniture in your living room. If you plan to have the room serve as a space for formal gathering, you might consider a sleek sofa with two seats complemented with an occasional or armchair. The combination of the stainless steel and fabric of this Boston Sofa by sohoConcept adds a touch of retro elegance. The California Sofa also by sohoConcept offers plusher seating if you envision the living room as a space for comfort as well as elegance. Each of these sofas offer matching occasional/ arm chairs to complete the set.

Boston Sofa – Red Paprika Fabric
Boston Sofa – Red Paprika Fabric

If the space will be for informal family gatherings, a more functional sectional couch that will allow for reclining in front of the television is a great option. The Simena Sectional by sohoConcept comes in a variety of colours to complement any décor. The Istanbul Sectional offers sleek contemporary design that doesn’t sacrifice function or comfort.

You will need surfaces to display accessories and serve as settings for drinks and snacks. The set of Alfa Nesting tables can be purchased as individual side tables or as a set of nesting tables.

Rounding out the room, you’ll need to consider perhaps a coffee table, area rug and even storage for media and bar supplies.

When you design and furnish your living room, make sure that you first identify its function and the design will fall into place.