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Metal Furniture Trends for the Summer

Metal Furniture Trends for the Summer

Metal furniture has always been a strong decorating trend for the summer months. Its durability makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor furniture, and provides an opportunity for easy updates with pillows, upholstery, and refinishing. Where wicker furniture fails, metal summer furniture stands!

This summer, there are some emerging metallic trends that we at sohoConcept are very excited about! Whether you're looking to refresh your indoor space with some new metals or buy some outdoor patio furniture, these metal furniture trends for summer 2019 will help you find the decor that speaks to you!

Rust-Proofing for Outdoor Furniture

If you're using metal furniture outside, always make sure to use some rust-proofing or weather-proofing product to help keep it looking new for years to come. Even if you're using patio furniture rated for outdoor use, you can still take the extra steps to ensure that it doesn't rust or oxidize. This is also important for covered patios, as these can still get damp or humid and affect metallic furniture.

It's also important to note that even when you weather-proof your outdoor furniture, you should always bring it inside to store for winter months. There's no need to expose your metal furniture to the elements unnecessarily at a time when you aren't even going to be sitting outside!

Blackened Metal

Using a black finish on metal is one of the latest metallic furniture trends to hit North America. sohoConcept now offers a number of our chairs and bar stools with a black metal base suitable for kitchens, dining rooms, sun rooms – you name it! Choosing a black metal base for your seating gives you a great opportunity to choose a bright upholstery color and make a statement in your space. It's also very muted – perfect for those who don't like shiny or reflective metals.

No More Rose Gold!

This summer, we're sad to admit that the rose gold metal trend has left the building. The pink-ish hues have been replaced by more bold finishes, like chrome, brass, red, and black. Of course, this doesn't mean you should toss out the chairs you bought last year. If you're thinking about a change, you can always re-finish the metal yourself to change the colour. There are some simple DIY projects you can do to handle this yourself!

And if you love rose gold, then keep it up! Decorating and modern furniture are all about personal tastes and finding what suits you best.

Mass Metal

This summer, metals are being used in new and more interesting ways. Instead of simply acting as a base for furniture and decor, it is becoming the star of the show. Whether it's with gold, brass, silver, or blackened tones, using metals as a decorative part of the furniture is a fun summer trend this year. sohoConcept's Crescent, Botteg, and Dervish lines (to name a few) have Tower Chairs that use blackened metal in the base to add depth to the otherwise simple chairs. Using metal in this “mass” way can also be done with decor pieces, artwork, mirrors, and more.

crescent dervish tower

Ready to Redecorate?

sohoConcept offers unique metal furniture to suit any room or decor. We're always designing new furniture, materials, and metals to give our customers the latest in modern furniture trends and styles. With our black metallic finishes, tower chairs and bar stools, and various metals available, we know that you can find the exact metal furniture trend you're looking for this summer!

For more information or to request a catalogue, contact our team today! We are here to help you find the perfect modern furniture pieces for your space.

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