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Modern Design Trends for 2020

Modern Design Trends for 2020

If there’s one way we can summarize the modern design trends emerging for 2020, it’s that anything goes. Many traditional design rules that we’ve seen for years are going out the window this year, being replaced by the celebration of the unique.

Signature looks from 2019, like bright kitchens, accent walls, and bright colors aren’t out of style, so don’t worry if you just renovated last year! However, these looks are being built upon with the new trends coming out this year.

Take a look at some of our favorite modern design and furniture trends for the new year!

Sustainable Materials

We saw this emerge last year, but this year, decorating with sustainability in mind takes the forefront. Whether it’s upcycling, antiquing, or making well-informed buying choices, sustainability is high in mind for 2020.

If you’re into antiquing and DIY projects, this is the year for you! If you prefer buying new products, be conscious of the materials being used. Upholsteries like leatherette and wool are continuing to grow in popularity, given their sustainability compared to leather or polyesters and acrylics. Use your modern furniture and decor to lean into an eco-friendly lifestyle. This also has the trendy side effect of making your space feel earthy and natural.

Layered Patterns

Patterned furniture and wallpaper has been an emerging trend for a few years, but in 2020, expect to see these patterns bolder than ever before. We’re starting to see patterns being layered and used in places they previously weren’t. Patterned tabletops and rugs in particular are gaining popularity.

The key to this trend is to ensure there is a color theme throughout the space. As long as you’re working with a consistent color or color palette, you can mix patterns easily and boldly. Having a patterned wallpaper accent wall, with a patterned armchair, and geometric rug, for example, might seem like a little much, but many designers are coming out with rooms just like it.

You can also mix the type of pattern - we’re seeing geometric patterns mixed with floral regularly. It’s the perfect year to explore!

Natural Luxury

In line with sustainability, 2020 designs will incorporate a lot of natural materials with a luxurious spin. Marble counter tops and table tops in bathrooms and dining rooms is seeing a comeback. Marble coffee tables and end tables, places you may not be used to seeing marble, are also becoming more popular. The Lamer Dining Table is one example of marble being used in this naturally luxurious way.

Other materials like plaster and linen are go-to choices for 2020. This old-world aesthetic is the perfect mix of luxury and sustainability. For those looking for an eco-friendly atmosphere but wanting to avoid tones that are too earthy or woody, this luxury component can be a great way to stay on trend.

Mixed Metals

One of our favourite trends at sohoConcept is mixing metals. Instead of keeping your kitchen and dining room all chrome, or all stainless steel, or all brass, you have freedom to mix these metals together in one space!

This trend is so exciting because it means you can experiment with things like rose gold, matte black, or dark red (like we have some bar stools available in!) without needing to dedicate an entire room to it. You can mix rose gold and chrome dining chairs with a matte black table base while having decor items from all three metals.


Minimalism has been the prevailing trend for a number of years, but this year, maximalism is driving modern design. Instead of keeping things simple, like minimalism dictates, maximalism is all about embracing luxury and grandeur. This is in line with the other trends gaining traction in 2020. Mixing patterns and metals, natural luxury, and DIY projects all have a home in a maximalist design.

The most important thing to keep in mind with maximalism design is to ensure your space doesn’t end up feeling or looking cluttered. As long as you do it tastefully, you’re able to create what looks like an ad hoc design while still being welcoming and comforting.

sohoConcept Can Help

sohoConcept’s modern furniture is available in a wide range of bright colors, simple neutrals, and mixed metals to help you create your modern design for 2020. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a few pieces or redesign your entire space, modern furniture from sohoConcept can help you achieve your look!

View our online catalogue here and stay up to date on our new products on our Instagram. Get in touch with us and see how we can help you find your perfect modern design for 2020.