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Modern Furniture and Design Trends for 2018

Modern Furniture and Design Trends for 2018

With 2017 coming to a close, we decided to take a look forward into 2018 at the modern furniture and design trends that are starting to gain popularity. Some design trends from 2017 we see being continued or built upon, while other trends are completely new.

sohoConcept is proud to always be at the forefront of modern furniture and design trends. We’re excited to start the new year with new modern furniture for 2018 to align with these trends.

Wood Working
Wood working has been building in popularity for the past few years, but in 2018, it will explode across mediums. Unique decor and accessories, like vases, mantle pieces, or other small pieces are great for adding character to a home. In 2018, however, we expect to see wood working in larger projects as well, such as entire mantles and millwork on the walls themselves. Anything that can have a unique design - headboards, tables, entertainment centers, chairs, couches - can be made unique with wood working.

Wood Chairs

Dark Woods
In terms of wood design trends in 2018, dark wood is in! No more light woods like ash or birch. Chocolate browns and black wood are the dominant shades this year, giving designers a great opportunity to create contrasts and work with colour in a new way. Black and white rooms are always in style, remaining unchanged in 2018, and using dark wood is a great way to work with this trend. This design trend in 2018 also provides an opportunity to use splashes of colour as statement pieces and create new looks in rooms.

sohoConcept carries a variety of our modern furniture with dark wood options, like walnut and wenge. If you’re looking to move away from light wood furniture this year, we have the options and flexibility to help keep you trendy!

A focus on sustainability and environmentalism has been popular in recent years and 2018 is no different. Recycling items to create new decor is a great way to help make your home sustainable. Using reclaimed wood for furniture like modern chairs, tables, and couches gives your home more character and reduces the use of new products.

Items like vintage furniture also fit into this recycling movement. With a few updates like refinishing the wood and finding new upholstery, your vintage pieces can fit with modern furniture in 2018 trends.

Cozy Spaces
A design trend in 2018 we love here at sohoConcept is the idea of finding space for relaxation and family. Coziness is a common theme we’ve seen in modern furniture and design trends looking toward 2018. Finding space to spend time with family or relax alone, in small, intimate spaces is a fantastic trend we hope continues into the following years.

Room dividers, reading nooks, microzones, cushions, and dim lighting all contribute to the coziness design trend in 2018. Modern furniture like sectional sofas and large chairs are fantastic for relaxing with family and are great additions for making a room more cozy. 2018 is all about finding space to relax and unwind!

Simena sectional

Retro is In!
The most interesting design and modern furniture trend for 2018 is that retro style is back! Metals, material, patterns, colours - everything you remember from your grandmother’s 1970s living room would fit in nicely in 2018 (well, almost everything!).

Brass is replacing copper as the trendy metal for 2018. Brass hasn’t been popular for a few years now, but its tones match well with colours becoming trendy - deep greens, gold, browns, and oranges. These colours are inviting, nostalgic, and definitely retro. Another surprising design trend for 2018 is that velvet is returning as a popular material. That’s right, velvet couches, ottomans, and chairs will no longer be a relic of the past!

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