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Modern Furniture for a Minimalist Style

Modern Furniture for a Minimalist Style

Minimalism in furniture and interior design has long been a staple of modern spaces. No matter what modern furniture and design trends come in or go out, minimalism is one that has always been prominent.

Particularly as more and more people are living in condos and apartments, minimalism can be a great way to use small spaces and give the appearance of larger rooms. The trend of small houses and RV living will only serve to make this style even more popular!

Choosing the right modern furniture for your minimalist design is key for ensuring your design is cohesive and comfortable. Without the right furniture and decor, a minimalist design can end up looking like an unfinished space!

What is Minimalist Interior Design?

Minimalism in furniture and design mostly refers to the absence of anything impractical or decorative. Everything in a minimalist design is functional, cohesive, and logical.

Some other typical aspects of minimalist furniture and design include:
• Neutral and restrained colours, such as white, black, grey, and brown shades
• Smooth finishing on walls, floors, and countertops
• Large windows, several sources of light
• Multi-functional furniture
• Built in appliances
• Empty space
• Absence of decorative elements
• Sharp lines in furniture
• Absence of print or floral designs on furniture
• No clutter

Using Modern Furniture in Your Minimalist Design

The one rule for sofas in a minimalist design is no patterns. All upholstery should be solid shades. Another important aspect of minimalist modern sofas is a strong design with sharp lines. Sofas should be elegant, not over-designed, and versatile.

Multi-functional sofas, like pull-out couches or sectional sofas, are key for a minimalist design because they provide the maximum function without taking up too much space. Sofas with storage included are also great for minimalism, as they will reduce clutter and storage pieces.

SohoConcept's Laguna Sofa or Simena Sectional Sofa are great examples of minimalist sofas that would fit in a variety of spaces and designs. Their muted shades, clean lines, and functionality allow for a space to feel brighter, bigger, and more comfortable.

In apartments and condominiums or other small spaces, minimalist style dictates that a table isn't even necessary! Using a bar or island in your kitchen with some simple, modern bar stools is all that is required for minimalism in a small space.

If you are decorating a larger business or a house, however, you're still welcome to use a simple table for your dining room. It should be a smooth, clean finish, with straight lines. Often, minimalist kitchens and dining rooms will sport a table with a glossy finish!

The Milano Extendable Table and Niagara Extendable Table are two examples of functional and modern dining room tables that fit into a minimalist design. Their straight lines and ability to easily extend to fit more people for large gatherings means that the rest of the time, your dining room will have plenty of empty space that can be used well.

One of the key differences that separates minimalism from other modern furniture trends is in the chairs. At sohoConcept, we often recommend mixing and matching dining chairs and occasional chairs to keep rooms looking fresh and unique. When it comes to minimalist furniture, however, chairs should always be uniform.

Dining room chairs should be the same style, bar stools should be the same, and occasional chairs should only be used where absolutely necessary (and match your sofa!). Again, using chairs with straight lines, in neutral shades, and that have metal legs is ideal for fitting into a minimalist design.

When choosing whether to have metal or wood bases for your chairs, make sure that your choice compliments the colours and other furniture in your space. Mixing wood and metal isn't typically allowed in a minimalist design!

Decorating a bedroom in a minimalist design with modern furniture can be particularly rewarding, as having less clutter in your bedroom can help you sleep more easily. The soft, neutral shades associated with minimalist design are most popular in bedrooms, as they promote relaxation.

Having good closet space to put away all your clothes and other necessities means that the rest of your room has less furniture and less clutter. A minimalist bedroom could also include a rug, multiple lighting options, and a simple nightstand (with drawers, of course!) so all your needs are met.

sohoConcept Can Help!

If you're looking to de-clutter your home or business, or want to start fresh with a minimalist design, sohoConcept can help! We have modern furniture that fits into minimalist designs and can help you find the colors, materials, and pieces that are right for you.