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Modern Furniture for Your New Office

Modern Furniture for Your New Office

Getting a new office set up is exciting. Whether you've grown your one-person business to a larger operation, upgrading to a bigger space, or simple replacing your office furniture, there are a few tips and tricks to follow to make sure your new office furniture is modern, cohesive, and perfect for your space and your team.

Some offices just require a few desks and chairs, while others have a large waiting room, board rooms, or co-working areas that need furnishing. Whatever style your office or brand has, following these tips for buying modern office furniture will help you create your perfect office space!

Set a Budget

Without setting a realistic budget, you might end up spending all your available money on one mahogany board room table and be stuck without chairs until the next fiscal year! Calculate how much you can spend on furniture and relevant accessories or tech so you can focus your search in the right places.

When you set a budget, you'll be able to figure out exactly how many pieces you need as well. Then you can start contacting modern office furniture suppliers to find out pricing.

Put Ergonomics and Comfort First

Buying furniture just for its look is great if you're decorating a sitting room that's hardly ever used. When buying office furniture, thinking about comfort and ergonomics is the most important aspect to consider. Comfortable employees are happy, and happy employees are more productive! No one wants to work at a desk with an uncomfortable chair.

sohoConcept offers modern office chairs that are perfect for cubicles, personal offices, and meeting rooms. They are comfortable, ergonomic, and available in various sizes and upholstery to match your branding and interior design. Ergonomic office furniture can be both modern and comfortable without going over your budget!

The Gazel Arm Office, Tulip Arm Office, and Crescent Office are some of our distinct office chairs used in offices around the world. Whatever your office's design and branding, sohoConcept has a modern solution for you.


Finding storage solutions for an office space is key for organization and simplicity. Opening your office with multiple in-place storage solutions means you'll stay organized for longer. Coming up with storage solutions on the fly can lead to massive problems down the road.

wcrescent office

Using desks with built-in storage is perfect for allowing your employees to stay organized. Buying shelving for closets and shared areas can also help with supply storage so closets don't get too full too fast. Setting up wall storage is also key for keeping desks uncluttered.

Employee Needs

When choosing furniture for a new office, always keep your employee and business needs in mind. Do you have clients visiting regularly? Do you host a lot of company-wide meetings? Are there going to be cubicles? Do your employees prefer working together in an open space, or individually in quieter areas?

Knowing the needs and preferences of your employees and business operations helps you decide what type of furniture you'll need. Large, comfortable armchairs in a shared area helps foster relationships and brainstorming sessions. High counters and bar stools give employees and clients another option to meet and work. Having armchairs or sofas like the Harmony Sofa or Istanbul Armchair with small tables help foster independent work.

You want to provide your employees with options that will help them thrive. Knowing what these are before buying furniture for your office space will simplify all processes!

harmony sofa

Modern Office Furniture by sohoConcept

If you're opening a new office or looking to redecorate an existing space, sohoConcept can help. We have specialized furniture for offices that is comfortable, ergonomic, and will help your brand be a leader in modern office decor.

Contact us today for more information or to request a catalogue of our modern furniture.