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Modern Furniture to Spruce Up Your Cottage

Modern Furniture to Spruce Up Your Cottage

It's almost that time of year again! The long days are coming back, the temperature is going to start rising, and cottage season is opening soon. Now is the perfect time to perform upgrades to your cottage to make it summer-ready, whether you're enjoying it yourself or renting it out for the season.

There are a variety of modern furniture upgrades you can make to your cottage to refresh it without breaking the bank on a full renovation. sohoConcept has some great ideas for 2019 cottage furniture to help you relax this summer.

Throws and Pillows

The main aspect of cottage life that everyone can agree on is relaxation and comfort. Even on the days that are a little chilly or cloudy, being relaxed is key. Having throw blankets and a multitude of pillows on all furniture is a great way to encourage this relaxation!

Keeping throws accessible near the door or in storage on a patio to make sure they're easy to grab before campfires, rainy days, or during chilly nights outside.


A cottage is a place where you can just relax anywhere. Keeping armchairs in as many rooms as possible is a great way to promote this laissez-faire lifestyle. Putting armchairs in the bedroom, living room, family room, patios – anywhere they can fit! - give everyone a place to relax and are on trend with the mix and match style that is so popular in 2019.

Armchairs like the Laguna Amrchair and Conrad Armchair are perfect for getting comfortable in after a long day in the sun. Their smooth lines fit perfectly in rustic cottage designs or modern designs and multiple colour options mean they'll fit with any aesthetic.

laguna armchair

Family-Style Dining Furniture

One of the best parts about summer cottage living is having huge barbecues and dinners with friends and family around a cozy dining table. Having appropriate dining furniture to fit all your guests is a great way to create a welcoming atmosphere in your cottage.

Large dining tables like sohoConcept's Bosphorus Dining Table or Anne Dining Table are always ready for even the biggest parties. Using modern dining chairs mixed with armchairs or a long bench for seating is a great way to make sure everyone can fit. Extendable dining tables are also good options in cottages that have less space, but still like to host big parties. The Milano Extendable Dining Table is perfect for a modern, open concept cottage.

bosphosrus table

Modern Lighting

Modern lighting in a cottage is important for setting the mood at night. Depending on the space available, a variety of lighting is great for giving yourself and your guests options. Standing lamps, table lamps, overhead lighting, and decorative lighting can all be used to create the atmosphere you want. Whether you're looking to curl up with a good book, hosting guests, or watching a movie, lighting is key for setting the mood.

If you have a high ceiling or vaulted ceiling, a large ceiling light or industrial chandelier can modernize your space, even if it's a more rustic style. Check out our other ideas about modern lighting here!

Ready to Start Thinking about Summer?

It's the perfect time to start making upgrades to your cottage so it's summer ready as soon as those high temperatures hit! If you're thinking about renovating or simply upgrading some of your furniture in your cottage this year, sohoConcept can help. We offer a variety of unique modern furniture that can help brighten up a cottage, refresh a space, and help you relax while you're away!

Contact us today for more information about our made to order and custom furniture! We work with interior designers, homeowners, business owners, and planners to help ensure a space is exactly how you imagine it. Call us today!