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Modern Lighting for Large Spaces

Modern Lighting for Large Spaces

Light fixtures often end up being the focal point of a room. When a light turns on, we often want to look at where it’s coming from, and get an eye-full of a beautiful chandelier, unique metal fixture, or a simple ceiling light.

Choosing modern lighting for your room often depends on the size of the space and the height of the ceilings. You likely can’t fit a three foot drop chandelier in a basement or small office! But you don’t need sixteen foot ceilings to be able to enjoy modern lighting and have it compliment your space.

There are dozens of types of modern lighting options available for spaces of all sizes to provide light, warmth, and draw attention. With the right light fixture, you can completely change the feel of a room and add a level of personality that otherwise may be hard to have.

Choosing Lighting for Your Modern Space

When it comes to hanging lights, you have seemingly endless options. For large spaces with high ceilings, huge industrial pendant lights are perfectly on trend. Pendant lights over a foot in diameter are popular to hang in kitchens over islands, in particular. Chandeliers for dining rooms or large party spaces have seen a rebirth with modern flairs, like solid metal lines instead of dangling chains.

For dining rooms and kitchens with lower ceilings or that are in a smaller space, there are still tons of modern hanging light options. One suggestion for spaces like these is to use hanging lights that direct the light upwards, to make it bounce of the ceiling. This helps draw the eye upward, instead of downward, and can make rooms seem larger than they are. Any light fixture with an open top will help achieve this!

String lighting or horizontal chandeliers are also great modern lighting options for smaller spaces. They take up minimal space, don’t overcrowd a room, and add wide illumination for the entire room.

Floor lamps for living rooms are also great for providing lighting options and creating ambient light. They don’t have to be large - many floor lamps can easily fit in a corner beside a sofa. If you have the space, however, multiple floor lamps can be used across a room to provide lighting no matter where you’re sitting.

Floor lamps can be particularly beautiful in bedrooms. Giving yourself multiple lighting options makes it easier to relax, read, and otherwise unwind from a busy day.

Modern accent lighting is also popular in places like hotels, restaurants, and living rooms. If you have a bookcase, a desk, a painting, or something else important that you want to illuminate, using small lighting fixtures can draw attention to these.

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Modernizing your Space?

sohoConcept provides modern furniture to businesses, homes, and interior designers around the world. Whether you have a huge banquet hall, or a small bachelor apartment, we can help you find the perfect modern furniture and suggest the right modern lighting options for your space.

No matter the size, you deserve beautiful modern light fixtures to illuminate your space. Contact sohoConcept today for more information about our modern furniture catalogue.