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Modern Seating for the New Decade

Modern Seating for the New Decade

The right piece of furniture can completely transform a room. Whether it's a piece of art, a light fixture, a custom chair, or a brightly-colored table, once you find a piece that speaks to you, you can design the rest of the space around it.

There are new and exciting seating trends for this year that are starting to take hold in a lot of popular designs. Using modern chairs, sofas, and other seating options as your statement pieces can be a great way to meld comfort and modernity in your space.

Here are some of our favourite modern seating trends for this year!


These are our favourite new seating trend at sohoConcept. Modern poufs and ottomans are great for any space because they're easy to arrange and rearrange, multi-use, and fit in small spaces as well as large. These are popping up everywhere! In homes, they're great for family rooms and rec rooms as they can add seating easily for days when you have the whole family over. In commercial design, we're seeing these in lounges, restaurants, meeting rooms, offices, hotels – the sky's the limit.

Poufs can also double as tables when needed. You can place a tray on top to provide an even surface for drinks, books, or food!

sohoConcept's new Celine Poufs range in size and color so you can find the perfect one for your space. Try the Celine Pouf C if you're looking for an extra seat in a small room, like a condo or office. The Celine Pouf A is great for meeting rooms, lounges, or rec rooms. The Celine Tray can also be placed on top, allowing your pouf to double as table space when needed.

celine collection


Benches are some of the most flexible pieces of furniture that one can use. They can be standalone or built into a wall, and many of them have storage. They're the perfect place to hide extra books, small pillows, or other knick knacks when they're not in use.

We've seen benches used in dining rooms as alternative seating for a number of years now, but more recently, benches are becoming a great seating option for other communal spaces like living rooms, dens, entryways, and offices. Because they're low to the ground, they are great for small spaces because they don't appear to take up very much space.

Sectional Sofas

It's no secret that we love modern sectional sofas at sohoConcept. They're the perfect solution for small spaces like condos and apartments or a good addition to a large family room. They're also great for coffee shops, restaurants, lounges, and anywhere else people want to be able to have a close conversation.

This year, sectional sofas are continuing to grow in popularity and having a mixture of a sofa, loveseat, and armchair is becoming less and less common. We're seeing a lot of spaces with a large sectional sofa with one or two armchairs or accent chairs instead.

Some of our favourite products that we offer are our sectional sofas. The Istanbul Sectional, Paloma Sectional, and our massive Hollywood Sectional are just some of the options we have to try out.

paloma sectional

Accent Chairs

Having a statement piece in a room is a common design trope that never gets old. This year, we're seeing a lot of designers using an accent chair as a statement piece (instead of a wall, artwork, or centrepiece like has been more common in the past). A modern lounge chair that doubles as a pillar of your design adds comfort and accessibility to a space.

Whether a brightly colored armchair, a high back lounge chair, or a custom designed piece, including an accent chair in your design can be an easy way to modernize a room without overhauling the entire thing.

Get some inspiration in sohoConcept's modern lounge chair offerings.

Time to Get Shopping

sohoConcept has new modern seating in styles that are perfect for the new year. If you're thinking of refreshing your space for spring or need some inspo for a new business, browse our references of @sohoConcept on Instagram! We've got the latest in modern chairs, sofas, and alternative seating for your space.

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