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New Arrivals for 2019 at sohoConcept

New Arrivals for 2019 at sohoConcept

sohoConcept is always adding new product lines and modern furniture to our catalogue. For 2019, we've added a variety of modern dining chairs, office chairs, and bar stools to our collection that fit in homes, hotels, offices, restaurants, shops, and more.

This year, we've added a number of unique modern furniture lines to our collection. Whether you're looking to decorate your home or business with new modern furniture, sohoConcept can help.


Our Bottega line of modern furniture includes dining chairs and office chairs. Available in a variety of upholsteries, colours, and bases, our Bottega modern furniture is sleek, simple, and comfortable. The deep seat and arms make these chairs ideal for a restaurant or office setting where you want people to feel at ease, but also fit within a certain aesthetic.

The Bottega line is available in chrome, nickel, and steel bases depending on the chair of your choice. The upholstery has a removable zipper and can be changed with a professional's help. These chairs are available in leatherette and camira wool in a variety of colours. The seat has a steel structure with ā€œSā€ shape springs for extra flexibility and strength to ensure these chairs will stand up to heavy use.


Our Buca line has expanded this year to include Buca Wood, our wood-based dining chair. Both the Buca Wood and Buca Metal dining chairs are sturdy and functional, featuring upholstery with removable velcro-enclosed material that can be changed with professional help.

Buca Wood dining chairs are ideal for both residential and commercial use. The base is solid beech wood, available in walnut-color. The Buca dining chairs are more classic in their look, so are available in black, grey, and white leatherette and camira wool. We also offer purple and turquoise in camira wool for those looking to make a statement with their dining chairs!

buca chairs


Our Martini collection is one of our most exciting additions to the sohoConcept lineup. Our Martini modern bar stools are the epitome of modern furniture design that can be easily used in a variety of spaces and themes.

For those looking for thin, sleek bar stools, the Martini Max Swivel, Martini Wire, and Martini DR Wood are great options. Available in a variety of colours, their bases are understated, thin, and able to fit in any kitchen or restaurant. The Martini Max Swivel is perfect for areas with limited space at the bar, as the swivel function makes it easy to sit down in a tight space.

Some of our Martini bar stool line comes in silver PPM leatherette ā€“ a metallic, smooth upholstery that is nothing but futuristic.


This year, we've added the Capri Wood dining chair to our Capri collection. These have proven to be some of our most popular modern dining chairs so far, as their simple finish available in a variety of wood bases and colourful upholsteries make them ideal for dining rooms, living rooms, restaurants, offices, lobbies, and more.

Our wider Capri collection includes both dining chairs and bar stools. Their curved backs and thin seats are easy to fit along a large table for a big dinner. The wood base of the Capri Wood dining chairs can be made with American Beech, American Walnut, or natural ash wood. You know you're getting quality modern furniture with sohoConcept's Capri line.

capri chairs

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