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Our Favourite 2016 Design Trends and Furniture Trends

Our Favourite 2016 Design Trends and Furniture Trends

With another year coming to a close, here at sohoConcept we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the most popular 2016 design trends and the furniture that shaped them.

This past year saw a mix of modern and traditional design elements to make for some interesting furniture and looks. With new trends in kitchens, to throwbacks to the 1970s, 2016 was a year with a lot of different design elements. We compiled a few of our favourite modern design trends from the past year to see how you can use these modern elements in your home or business.

Modern 2016 Furniture Trends

Formal Dining Rooms

We’ve discussed the idea of traditional and modern dining rooms on our blog before. In recent years, there has been a shift away from having a traditional dining room. 2016 furniture trends see this room making somewhat of a comeback.

Having a more formal dining room doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be traditional, though. Dining tables have become less bulky, chairs more comfortable, and modern design trends more evident. Mismatched dining chairs have become more popular, which is a great element of modern design. Using bright colours or chrome dining chairs are a far cry from a traditional mahogany dining set. 2016 has shown us that a dining room doesn’t have to be stuffy and formal to serve its function.

sohoConcept’s Milano Extendable Table and Malibu Dining Table both offer a modern dining room experience. For families that are always expanding, the extendable table works for holidays and dinner parties as well as every day meals. Their simple designs allow you to make statements with your décor, chairs, table settings, flooring, and more. They are great examples of modern furniture to take your dining room into the 21st century.

Malibu Table
Malibu Table
Minimalist Kitchens

Kitchens have gotten a facelift in 2016 as well. The mark of a modern kitchen is no longer having a lot of appliances and storage, but rather as little as possible to make the space appear larger. In 2016, designers found other places to store kitchenware. Instead of cupboards along the wall, drawers underneath the counter have become more popular. Having low storage cabinets, like sohoConcept’s Malta Sideboard, helps make a space appear larger.

Malta Sideboard
Malta Sideboard

Instead of kitchen tables, islands and modern bar stools have continued to gain popularity in 2016. Instead of just a countertop, however, islands are increasingly places for storage and appliances. Why waste the space under an island when you could put your dishwasher, drawers, or cupboards there as well?

At sohoConcept, we love kitchen islands and bar stools. Our Dervish MW Stool, Lara Piston Stool, and Polo Wood Stool are some of our most versatile designs. Used in restaurants, businesses, and homes around the world, these modern bar stools fit with a variety of modern designs. In a muted colour, they allow the focus to be on other furniture pieces. In a bright colour, like blue or orange, they can be the focal point of the room. Chrome stools help make a kitchen space seem neat, clean, and modern.

Wood Countertops

For the past few years, granite and other stones have been popular for countertops in kitchens. While these are still a popular modern design trend, 2016 saw the increase in popularity of wooden countertops. This retro design is in stark contrast to the stone countertops and completely changes the look of a kitchen.

This different texture allows for different decorating options in the kitchen. You can mix different tones or types of wood with your other furniture, or contrast it with chrome or metal furniture and fixtures. Creating a rustic or vintage look is easy when you’ve got vintage wooden countertops in your kitchen.

Low Furniture

The 1970s style of low, boxy furniture made a comeback in 2016. Low couches and armchairs help to make a space appear larger. They can also be more inviting and look more comfortable and casual. This trend is perfect for a cozy living room at home, hotel room, or intimate lounge.

sohoConcept has many sofas and armchairs that fit perfectly in this design trend from 2016. Our California line and Boston line are both perfect for creating a cozy environment. They can fit into either an open concept design or a small space. With a few pillows and throw blankets, you’re creating an inviting space for your guests and family to relax. With other modern elements, like coffee tables, décor, and artwork, you can take this 1970s style into 2016.

This past year was a year of mixing modern elements with traditional designs with a focus on minimalism and some retro style. We’re excited to see what 2016 furniture trends continue into the new year!