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Our Favourite Types of Modern Dining Chairs

Our Favourite Types of Modern Dining Chairs

Choosing modern dining chairs to furnish a dining room is no easy task. First, you need to find a size that is suitable for your room and table. Then, you need to decide on the colour and material for the upholstery. Don't forget choosing the material of the base! And of course, choosing what style of legs and arms you want for the chairs. Lastly, your dining room will be the place where your friends and family gather. You want it to be comfortable, welcoming, and intimate.

With all those things to keep in mind and the thousands of options available, it can seem impossible to choose the right dining chairs for your space. Here at sohoConcept alone we offer dozens of options for unique modern dining chairs!

Choosing the style and aesthetic that you like should always be the priority when looking at dining chairs. Then, everything else will fall into place!

Our Favourite Modern Dining Chairs at sohoConcept

Sled Base

Sled dining chairs are the ultimate in minimalist chair design intersecting with practicality. Whether in wood or metal, a sled base on a dining chair is easy to move to slide up to the table. They are particularly great for carpeted dining areas, although they are designed not to scratch flooring either.

One great benefit of sled dining chairs is that they draw attention to the upholstery on the chair and other elements of the dining room. They are not typically ornate. sohoConcept's Corona Wire Chair is a great example of a completely minimalist dining chair. Other options, like Aria Sled or Aria Sled Wood, provide this sense of minimalism while having more bold contrasts.

Sled dining chairs are the perfect option for those looking for a simple, functional dining chair. They allow for the focus to go on some unique upholstery and material!

aria sled wood chrome

Spider Legs

Spider dining chairs aren't as scary as they sound! They get their creepy name from their style of legs – they have four legs stemming from the centre of the chair with curves at the end, forming little 'feet'. This gives them the appearance of spider legs!

These types of dining chairs are among our favourites because of their unique look. They have an air of the traditional ornate dining chair, as having these separate feet at the end of the legs is indicative of a traditional style. Chrome spider legs, like our Nevada Spider dining chair, are a unique mix of traditional, modern, minimalist, and luxurious.

Other spider dining chairs, like the Dervish Spider with arms, are perfect for large dining rooms or tables that require a lot of seating. They work great on flooring and in muted shades, allow the focus of the room to go to the table, the decor, or simply just the conversation.


If you ask people to name the most modern piece of furniture they can think of, many will suggest a round, circular chair. Something about the style of a round chair inspires modernity and class!

Rounded chairs and seats can easily be used in dining spaces with a lot of space, or if space does not allow, as the chairs at the head of the table (mixing and matching furniture is always in style). Choosing a bright colour for these chairs will make them the focal point of your dining room.

sohoConcept's line of round chairs, aptly named Crescent, is perfect for anyone looking for the next level of modernism in their dining room. You don't have to have bright red or purple dining chairs to stand out! Even our Crescent Tower or Crescent Star dining chairs in black, grey, or brown still exude modernity and show that you aren't afraid to experiment with your design choices. These are among our favourite metal and wood dining chairs at sohoConcept!

Crescent tower round


Tower dining chairs are clean and sleek, but can add a touch of detail to otherwise simple dining chairs. 'Tower' refers to their base – they are simple, thing legs engineered with proper weight distribution to create an image of an architecturally sound tower.

Examples like the Gazel Tower and Bottega Tower illustrate this type of dining chair design perfectly. Thin metal legs woven together seem too thin to support the chair, but their intricate design makes them more than suitable.

Tower dining chairs are great for an industrial aesthetic. Their complicated metal bases make them a perfect fit in a space with exposed brick, exposed piping, and different types of metal. If you have a solid metallic dining table, tower dining chairs are an amazing option for your space.

Modern Dining Chairs at sohoConcept

sohoConcept offers a variety of modern dining chairs to fit in any dining room or decorating style. Whether you prefer wood, metal, round, sled, or traditional, there is an option to fit your needs!

Depending on the type of chair, they can either be custom made or made-to-order. We always work with our customers to find the right options to fit their needs and ensure their dining chairs are exactly what they are looking for.

For more information about sohoConcept's modern dining chairs and other modern furniture, contact us! We will provide information about our catalogue, shipping, and special pricing. Contact us today!