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PPM vs Leatherette-Which Faux Leather Upholstery Is For You?

PPM vs Leatherette-Which Faux Leather Upholstery Is For You?

Choosing the perfect upholstery for your modern furniture comes with a lot of consideration due to all the different varieties! The variety of options available when choosing for the perfect look comes with both positives and negatives!

The Leatherette is one of the most popular types of upholstery for modern furniture in businesses and offices because of the great resemblance to genuine leather. However, PPM is the newest type of upholstery that is sweeping around the country! At sohoConcept, we are always asked about the benefits of different upholstery options. Leatherette and PPM both come with great benefits and very few disadvantages, making them perfect for the hospitality industry, homes, offices, and much more.

Leatherette Upholstery for Modern Furniture

Leatherette is the lookalike of real genuine leather, no doubt about it! It is a best fitting material to use for modern furniture upholstery, providing every piece of furniture with great durability. It can withhold any climate changes with the most breathable, antimicrobial and flame retardant material!

The best thing about Leatherette material is it is the perfect material to wipe and go; making it super easy to clean! All it requires to remove unwanted dust is wiping away with a clean cloth. If wanting to take a few extra steps, soapy water is the way to go! All you need is some soapy water and a simple white cloth to remove any unwanted residues. The final step is to make sure you dry. Those two steps are perfect to maintain the best-looking furniture! This material does not require any bleach or alcohol for maintaining its perfect condition.

Leatherette is a synthetic material that resembles the physical appearance of real leather as well as the durability of real leather! This material has without a doubt been introduced to many companies around the world for uses such as furniture, cars, and more to provide the best comfortable experience! It demonstrates comfort, luxury and elegance all in one to benefit you! The newest material of leatherette has been shown to be breathable, durable, and perfect for all climate conditions, however it might get hotter if placed in the sun for too long. The leatherette material has a thickness of 1mm which is quite thin allowing the breathable effect to occur! It might concern a few of the possible chances of stretching, cracking or possible heating too fast. However, with the right maintenance as mentioned, the quality of leatherette will stay intact for many years to come!

As there are pros and cons with every material, there is little to none when it comes to Leatherette, providing you with a great experience!

PPM Modern Furniture

PPM also known as Polyurethane-Polyester Microfiber is the newest upholstery material that resembles the qualities within genuine leather! The qualities PPM is known for is the durable breathable material perfect and ready for every season! It is super easy to clean and maintain for a long period of time! All it requires is a clean white cloth to wipe away any residues! If needed, you may use soapy water, and once complete just dry the material and you are ready for beautiful clean furniture!

It is one of the finest leathers with a thickness of 1.5mm which promotes strength and prevents any possible tearing, sagging, shrinking or more. Due to the strength of the PPM material is highly recommended to be used in high traffic commercial environments!

The Polyurethane material has slowly developed to be one of the close resembling materials to genuine leather! It provides the same feeling of the surface, of the hand and the physical appearance!

Despite PPM being quite new, it does have great quality to its name. the strength and durability with the breathable effect to it has people questioning if it is real leather! Like genuine leather, it is best not to leave it in the sun for too long due to cracking and heating up, however the breathable effect does prevent any possible cracking that might occur.

Ready to Decide?

Leatherette as well as PPM have taken the world by surprise with the great quality provided for many homes and other locations. These two upholsteries are being used worldwide by offices, lounges, homes, restaurants and more providing the best experience! With proper maintenance, both Leatherette and PPM will last you many years without showing a hint of possible damage to it without a doubt!

SohoConcept offers modern furniture with upholstery available in wool, leatherette, PPM, leather and much more to provide everyone with a comfortable experience suitable everywhere. Talk to one of our service agents to get more information about the blends available and find out which modern furniture upholstery is right for you!