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Roundup - Topics and Blogs from the Decade

Roundup - Topics and Blogs from the Decade

Hard to believe we’re already in the new decade! The 2010s were amazing years for our team at sohoConcept. We were able to experiment with new designs, new colors, and new materials to create modern furniture that resonated with designers around the world. We found an amazing community on Instagram. And we’ve been able to attend conferences and tradeshows around the world, including the IDS in Toronto (and we’ll be there again soon!).

Looking back on the decade, we thought we’d roundup our most popular blog posts to bring together the topics and ideas people were talking about the most for the last few years. Did we leave any of your favorites off the list?

Leatherette vs. Leather: What’s the Difference?

So many of our customers would ask us the difference between genuine leather and leatherette when it came to furniture upholstery. We decided to write about it to answer these questions and it turned out to be one of our most popular posts of the decade.

In this post, we explore the differences between the materials as well as their benefits and drawbacks. More importantly, we looked at what material would be best in certain situations. Leather is more breathable, making it great for warmer areas, while leatherette is easier to clean, making it perfect for spaces with small children or in the food industry.

Chrome vs Stainless Steel – What is Preferable?

Our post about chrome vs stainless steel was a little different - while leather and leatherette often look very similar, chrome and stainless steel rarely do. You may know which you like the look of better, but will it last in your space?

Chrome has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years because of its clean, industrial look. It’s great for a number of decor options and in modern furniture in areas that don’t see a lot of dirt or scuffs. Stainless steel is durable and great for creating long lasting furniture that can stand up to heavy wear and tear. Which one do you prefer in your space?

The Most Modern Hotel Lobby Furniture

We loved researching this article and you loved reading it! From Italy, to China, to the United States, we found some of the most modern hotel lobbies and discussed the features that make them stand out.

The characteristics that stood out to us the most were the bright colors, contrasts, wall designs, and modern furniture used throughout these lobbies to create a cozy yet contemporary atmosphere. We’re excited to see what hotels pull out for the next decade to stay on top of modern trends!


Creating an Industrial Design with Modern Furniture

One of the hottest trends of the 2010s was definitely industrial design. Exposed pipe, chrome and stainless steel decor, and sleek neutral furniture are just some of the design options we saw everywhere in the last few years.

Our post about creating an industrial design with modern furniture helps people create industrial designs with cool, metallic elements while still bringing aspects of comfort. No one wants to live in a cold, robotic space! Check out this post if you’re looking to incorporate industrial design into your space this year.

Our Favourite Types of Modern Dining Chairs

When looking for dining chairs for your dining room, restaurant, or lounge, the possibilities can seem endless - and really, they are! From upholstery material, to color, to base, to metal, to comfort, you have millions of designs to choose from.

aria eiffel wood

Our roundup of our favourite types of modern dining chairs is a great place to start and get inspiration when trying to choose dining chairs for your space. Getting an idea for the shape, color, and base type can help you find the perfect dining chairs without the headache.

Start the New Year on the Right Foot

At sohoConcept, we’re so excited about all the new things this decade will bring. Stay on top of the latest news in modern furniture and design by following our blog and Instagram! We love to hear from our clients about the things they want to see in their modern designs.

Keep an eye on our catalogue for new products this year!