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sohoConcept New Products for 2019

sohoConcept New Products for 2019

At sohoConcept, we're always designing new pieces and updating our classic pieces to fit with modern trends. This year, we've added some pieces that fit with trends around dark furniture, metallic finishes, and furniture for smaller spaces like condos.

Check out sohoConcept on Instagram @sohoconcept to see our announcements and new releases first! Here are some of our most popular additions to the modern furniture lineup in 2019 at sohoConcept.

Our Design and Modern Furniture for 2019

Gold Base and Footrests
One of our bolder additions to our modern furniture in 2019 is using gold in chair and table bases. We love the warmth that gold brings to a room and the way it can play with different materials and colours. With metallics being a strong design trend for this year, we thought it the perfect opportunity to introduce a bold option in our furniture bases!

Gold bases are available for a variety of our tables, chairs, and bar stools. Our Corona Piston Full UPH, Eiffel Wire Stools, and Crescent Tower Chair are just a few of our extensive line of furniture with gold bases available. Experiment with them today!

crescent eiffel

Black & Red Base
Another option we're so excited about this year is our black and red bases available for a number of our chairs and stools. Black bases are perfect for muted colour schemes or if you want a bright material to be the star of the show.

On the other hand, if you want your entire piece of furniture to be a statement, a red base is a great way to do that. With upholstery in black, white, red, purple, blue, yellow – the options are basically unlimited and you can customize your furniture exactly how you want it.

Black Marble
We're so excited that this year, black marble is back as an option for a variety of our modern tables. White marble dining tables and coffee tables are great for spaces with a light aesthetic or an industrial design, while black marble can make a statement in a kitchen with colourful backsplashes or neutral colours.

Black marble is available as a table top option for our Lamer Dining Table, Tango Marble Dining Table, and Diana End Table. With a chrome base, these tables have a sleek, clean look that is perfect for a 2019 modern furniture update!

tango marble black

Tango Table
Our Tango line of modern tables is perfect for smaller spaces, like entryways or apartments. We designed these with customization in mind. They are available in different sizes to be used as coffee tables or dining tables with various bases and finishes. Whether you're looking for glass, marble, or wood, we have the tabletop in our Tango series for your needs. Our base options include chrome, stainless steel, black, white, or our brand new gold for those bolder designs.

Visit our Modern Furniture Catalogue for the Latest

Visit our modern furniture catalogue online or follow us on Instagram to see the latest additions to our modern furniture lineup. We're always adding new pieces, new materials, and new bases to give our customers the best in modern furniture and design.

For more information on opening an account with us to view our online catalogue and special pricing, contact us! And follow us on Instagram @sohoconcept.