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sohoConcept's New Arrivals: Modern Furniture for Summer

sohoConcept's New Arrivals: Modern Furniture for Summer

This winter seemed like it would never end, but we did it! We made it to summer. At sohoConcept, we've been preparing for this season for a while. We're ready for a change; what about you?

At sohoConcept, we have new modern furniture lines that are unlike any of our other offerings. Using inspiration from some of the latest modern furniture trends, we've designed unique and comfortable chairs and sofas that are perfect for homes and businesses alike.

If you've been looking for some inspiration to add a new piece or to completely redesign your space, you're in the right place.

Summer Modern Furniture Trends

Our new arrivals focus on the sleek, clean lines that are the basis of modern furniture, but with some twists. Focusing on trends around coziness, we've added some pieces that envelope the user and invite them to sit back and relax.

Muted colours, like grey, brown, and black, are key for summer furniture trends and we have continued our dedication to offering our furniture in a variety of shades, colours, and materials.

Glamour has also been a key furniture trend for 2018 and we are dedicated to making our customers feel glamorous! Our new arrivals will make any space feel luxurious and add a touch of class.


We are absolutely in love with the design of our new Divan line. Available in a sofa and armchair, this tufted arrival is as simple as it gets in modern furniture. Black PPM or leather makes the Divan sofa and Divan armchair perfect for a sitting room, a lobby, or a lounge.


Camira wool would fit nicely in a more personal setting. Adding a throw blanket along the back and some comfortable pillows can completely change the aesthetic of this flexible sofa!

We can't get enough of the black PPM. The thin lines, wooden legs, and stitched tufting check all the boxes for a contemporary sofa or armchair.


Sticking with our colour theme of black, grey, and brown, we have our new Toronto Chair. The floating arms immediately set this chair out as different from the rest. The bulky base invites you to sit back, relax, and have a summer cocktail with your friends.

toronto chair

The Toronto Chair is a great compromise between modern, comfortable, and muted. The floating arms and thick base make it impossible to mistake this chair for anything but modern, but it can easily fit into an existing design without changing the space completely.

It would fit particularly well in an industrial space – if you have a space with lots of metals, greys, blacks, and deep colours.


One of our favourite new dining chair lines is available in Wire, 4-Star, and Plywood bases, with or without arms. We know our customers will love the Gazel lin as much as we do, so we thought it fit to provide as many customizable options as possible to ensure you can find a way to fit Gazel into your dining room or restaurant!


Available in multiple colours, including amber, black, white, grey, and turquoise (for the bold), the Gazel dining chairs are flexible and strong to last you for years to come.


If you're looking for inspiration for creating a completely modern space, you've found it with the Bellagio chairs. Available in 4-Star metal legs or metal swivel, this sleek line of chairs just oozes glamour and modernity.

The Bellagio occasional chairs make great additions to spaces like bedrooms, offices, or sitting rooms. The metal base ensures they match with almost any colour scheme or decor. These are some of our favourite new arrivals at sohoConcept.

Plus, who doesn't love a swivel armchair? All you need is a white cat and you're set in modern trends!



If edges and straight lines turn you off from modern furniture, the Miami chair is here for you. Round cushion, round base, round arms – this cozy armchair's unique design is what makes it a staple modern furniture piece.

The thin lines and design ensure it can easily fit into a variety of spaces, making it perfect for condo living or hotel rooms. Having a set of two of them can easily replace a sofa in a small space.

miami collection

Want to See More?

Modern furniture trends are always changing and a professional modern furniture store needs to always update their offerings to stay current and find pieces that customers will love. sohoConcept is proud to be ahead of modern furniture trends and provide our customers with the absolute latest in modern furniture design.

Visit our catalogue to see the latest in our modern furniture pieces and offerings and keep your home or business updated with the latest furniture trends.

Start summer off with some modern redecorating!