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sohoConcept’s Newest Modern Furniture Collection – Spring 2021

sohoConcept’s Newest Modern Furniture Collection – Spring 2021

Mixing Modern Furniture with Vintage Looks

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to mixing different looks in your home. When done well, mixing modern furniture with vintage looks can look very stylish and allows you to introduce interest into your home that may mostly feature modern furniture.

If you’re considering adding some vintage style pieces to your home and mixing them in with your modern furniture we encourage you to consider some of our simple tips for mixing modern furniture with a vintage look, or anytime you’re mixing two different styles together.

Proportions of Scale When Mixing Modern Furniture with Vintage Styles

Manage the proportion of the two different styles, be mindful of your end goal and how you want your modern furniture to fit with your new vintage style pieces. Do you want to lean towards being more modern or more vintage? If you’re leaning toward more modern furniture you can consider adding some vintage style accessories and accents. If you’re leaning towards more vintage, then add some modern accessories.

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Mixing Modern Furniture and Vintage Throughout Your Home

To keep a cohesive look throughout your home you need a good balance of vintage and modern furniture. For instance, if your office space is mostly vintage with touches of modern furniture and accessories, then in your living room you may want to consider doing the opposite. This would mean rather than touches of modern, your living room would mostly be modern furniture with touches of vintage style. Many interior designers suggest 80% of your room be in one style and the other 20% be in the other style.

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Bring your Modern Furniture Together with Vintage Through Color

The easiest way to marry your modern furniture together with your vintage pieces is to bring everything together through color. For instance, if you have a vintage accessories ad modern furniture, you can bring the looks together by pulling a color from your accessories and buying furniture in that colors – or a similar tone. An example of this could be a pulling a color from a painting or vintage vase, if the pieces have hints of green pull those colors out in your modern furniture.


At sohoConcept we customize your furniture based on your needs. Choose your fabric, color, and materials to meet your unique style. So, if you have a painting with hints of green and a beautiful wooden frame – choose some modern dining room chairs in green leatherette with wooden legs to tie in the painting and your frame. Mixing vintage styles and modern furniture doesn’t have to be intimidating.