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The Most Modern Hotel Lobby Furniture

The Most Modern Hotel Lobby Furniture

While traditionally decorated hotels can be appealing to some, there is a clear shift in the past few years for hotels even in the most historic of places to use modern décor and modern furniture to bring their lobbies into the 21st century.

Bright colours, curves, stark contrasts, and ambient lighting are some of the methods various modern hotel lobbies use to create a contemporary atmosphere. Using the right modern hotel furniture, it’s easy for any hotel to modernize itself.

Here are some of the most modern hotel lobbies from around the world.

Modern Hotel Lobbies & Furniture Around the World

Empire Hotel NYC

The Empire Hotel in New York City is one of the best examples of a hotel mixing tradition with modernity. Although it is over a century old, with its latest updates, the Empire Hotel features some of the most modern hotel furniture in an American hotel.

It features many neutral colours, like beige, coffee, grey, and black, and different metallic finishes like bronze, brass, copper, and stainless steel. This neutral colour palette allows for the modern furniture to speak for itself.

The Empire Hotel in NYC features sohoConcept’s Dervish MW Stools at the bar. The low backs, arm rests, and swivel make for a comfortable bar stool which stand out against the neutral colours of the bar and are a perfect fit with the modern hotel furniture.

Dervish Wood Stools

Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

This hotel in China has no ties left to tradition – it’s entirely modern, fresh, and sleek. The bright lobby features a variety of modern furniture, décor, and sculptures to create a contemporary asthetic. The neutral colours of the walls are in stark contrast to the bright furniture, pillows, tables, and carpet.

The modern furniture featured in the Four Seasons Guangzhou include high back occasional chairs, ottomans, coffee tables, and benches for seating. Paired with the fine dining and luxury suites, the modern furniture in this hotel sets the tone for a luxury stay in Guangzhou.

Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

Renaissance Blackstone Hotel – Chicago

Revamped in 2006 after some years of neglect, the Renaissance Blackstone Hotel in Chicago now boasts one of the most jaw dropping lobbies in the United States. The traditional architecture kept from the building’s past mixed with a variety of modern furniture make this hotel lobby one you can’t miss if you visit Chicago.

Lighting in this hotel ranges from traditional chandeliers to modern fixtures. Furniture has an air of class and luxury with tufted backs and stools, but in bright colours and loud designs that keep it contemporary. These strong colours, like blue and gold, along with modern art decorating the walls, brings this lobby well into the 21st century while preserving its rich history.

Renaissance Blackstone Hotel – Chicago

DuoMo Hotel – Rimini, Italy

As you would expect from an Italian hotel, the lobby of the boutique DuoMo Hotel in Rimini features space, curves, and stark contrasting colours. The lobby and other seating areas in the hotel have bright lights, glowing colours, and modern sculpture.

The main focus of the DuoMo Hotel lobby is the stainless steel loop at the reception desk. Known as the Dream Loop, this sculpture is one of the first things guests see when they enter the lobby and it sets the tone for the entire contemporary experience at this hotel.

The modern furniture is also bright, featuring curves and textures mixed together. The DuoMo Hotel’s lighting and modern furniture make it not only contemporary, but futuristic.

DuoMo Hotel – Rimini, Italy

Modern Furniture for Hotels by sohoConcept

sohoConcept has provided a variety of modern furniture to hotels. Our contemporary chairs fit perfectly with a variety of modern designs for hotel lobbies.

Our Rebecca chairs and Zara Chair are great examples of versatile, modern hotel lobby furniture. Our Rebecca Swivel Chair and Rebecca Wire, both with their high backs, create a modern, elegant look. We offer them in a variety of bright colours as well as neutral, meaning they can fit into any modern décor or be statement pieces in the lobby.

The low Zara Chair is perfect for hotel lobbies looking to add comfort to their modern designs. The sleek metal, deep seat, and armrests make the Zara Chair perfect for relaxation after a long flight or waiting for a room to be prepared.

Our Rebecca Chairs and Zara Chair are just a few examples of contemporary hotel chairs for a modern design. We offer a variety of modern hotel furniture to keep your hotel lobby contemporary and comfortable.

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