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Top Modern Furniture and Design Cities in the World

Top Modern Furniture and Design Cities in the World

When you think of modern furniture, there are a few cities that immediately come to mind as being trailblazers. Milan, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Paris have traditionally been known as the hubs of modern design and modern furniture. While these cities continue to foster new designers and create new modern furniture trends, there are a number of emerging cities around the world that are beginning to make a name for themselves as modern furniture trendsetters.

Modern design and modern furniture in Canada, the USA, Asia, and other European countries has exploded in recent decades. Here are the top cities for modern furniture and design around the world to keep an eye on.

Miami, USA

Miami has a history in pop culture of being important for design trends and emerging ideas. From Miami Vice, to Art Deco, to Philippe Starck, Miami modern design is in its infancy of being a leader in modern furniture USA. There are constantly new architectural ideas, furniture designs, and trends emerging from Miami and it is beginning to attract more and more big names in modern furniture USA and design.

New York, USA

New York City has always been a trendsetter for modern culture in North America, and their status is no different when it comes to modern furniture. The exploding trend of small spaces and shared workspaces has created a fantastic opportunity for modern furniture designers to get creative with new pieces to accommodate this new lifestyle.

sohoConcept is proud to have a furniture showroom in Manhattan and be a part of this changing modern furniture USA scene. We're excited to see and participate in what will be some groundbreaking modern furniture trends to come out of New York!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a city known for its mix of South American and European lifestyle and trends. It also boasts amazing textiles, such as high quality leather and indigenous woven textiles. This makes it the perfect place for modern furniture designers to experiment and create new pieces with traditional materials. For the past decade, Buenos Aires has emerged as a leader in modern design and its unique mix of culture and lifestyle will only propel it further as a leader in modern furniture design.

Toronto, Canada

A constantly growing city, Toronto has taken advantage of opportunities in recent years to put itself at the forefront of modern furniture in Canada. Shops and designers creating contemporary furniture in Toronto are flourishing as the city positions itself as a leader in design trends. With dozens of condo projects on the horizon in Toronto and its suburbs, modern furniture for small spaces will need to continue to innovate. Modern design and furniture festivals and schools, such as at the University of Toronto, will help Toronto solidify its position as a powerhouse of modern furniture in Canada.

If you're looking for modern furniture in Toronto, sohoConcept has a showroom just north of the city. Visit our furniture shop in Toronto today!


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is famed for its modern skylines, postmodern hotels, and beautiful skyscrapers. It is a city that is always at the forefront of modern architecture and design, and it is no different with modern furniture. With its unique blend of modern, functional, and traditional, furniture designers in Tokyo produce simple, delicate, and beautiful modern furniture. They are particularly known for their modern wood furniture that is suitable for both office spaces and home life.

Berlin, Germany

In recent decades, Berlin has created a variety of festivals, projects, and platforms for developing modern furniture and modern design. Various universities offer state of the art programs to teach design and provide opportunities for emerging designers. There are major modern brands with headquarters in Berlin and attract modern thinkers and creators to the city. With so much modern design taking place in the city, Berlin will continue to position itself as a leader in modern furniture in Europe.

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