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Traditional or Modern Furniture: Which is Right for You?

Traditional or Modern Furniture: Which is Right for You?

Choosing between traditional and modern furniture to decorate your home or business can be a tough choice. Some people are naturally drawn to one style or the other, but many of us like aspects of both. Mixing traditional and modern styles can be difficult, so often people opt to stick with one style. So how do you choose between the two opposing design types?

Traditional furniture is known for being large, wooden, and dark with detailing and curves, whereas modern furniture is bright, light, and having simple, straight edges. There are benefits to each type of furniture, both visually and practically. There are a few aspects you want to consider before you make the final choice between traditional and modern furniture.

Available Space
Because traditional furniture is larger and bulkier than contemporary furniture, it often fits best in larger spaces. It has more visual weight and can make a smaller space seem crowded. If you're looking to decorate a small lobby or a condo, traditional furniture may make the space seem too busy and unnatural. Modern furniture, with its thin lines, is great for smaller spaces while still providing comfort and style.

For example, think of dining chairs. Traditional dining chairs have high backs, deep seats, and thick wooden legs. They will require a larger dining table with a similar aesthetic. Modern dining chairs, such as sohoConcept's Hazal or Hazal Metal, are comfortable, thin, and fit nicely with a dining table of any size for a small space.

Hazal Chair

That being said, if done properly, traditional furniture can fit in a small space. You have to choose pieces very carefully and perhaps use fewer pieces than you could with other furniture types.

Traditional furniture has the added benefit of not going out of style. Traditional furniture is known as such because it is timeless and always relevant. This makes it suitable for rooms that you may not want to redecorate or refresh often – rooms like your sitting room or a bedroom can often work well with traditional furniture as these are rooms that you may redecorate least often.

Modern furniture, while still being timeless and long-lasting, can sometimes require more upkeep and can be more suitable for living rooms and kitchens – rooms that get more use that you may want to update more frequently.

Modern furniture is very functional. Easily-expandable tables, hidden storage, and stackable or nesting features are just some of the aspects of modern furniture that make it functional for every day use over traditional furniture. If you have a busy household, a large family, or simply need efficient and space-saving furniture, a contemporary style may be best for you.

SohoConcept offers a variety of functional modern furniture, such as our Alfa Nesting Tables, Malta Bookcase with Drawers, Milano Extendable Table, and more.

Hazal Chair

Contemporary furniture is often available in more materials as well, making them more durable and easier to clean if your household or business is prone to accidents or plays host to a lot of children.

Even though traditional furniture is often larger and more bulky, it is usually contemporary furniture that makes the biggest statement. With bright colours, shiny metallic bases, and straight edges, a piece of contemporary furniture can often act as a statement in any room. If this is the type of fashion and modernity that you enjoy, then contemporary furniture may be right for you. Traditional furniture is often more muted and may not make the same fashion statement.

Ready to Decorate Your Home?

Whether you're looking for traditional or modern furniture for your home, sohoConcept can help. We specialize in contemporary furniture for the home and office, and can also provide statement pieces to blend in with a traditional atmosphere.

The most important thing to remember when choosing between traditional or modern furniture is your personal taste. Don't worry about trends or styles and choose the pieces that you like to create a cohesive design.

For more information and to learn more about choosing furniture for your office or home, contact sohoConcept! We can help you choose modern furniture and find pieces that fit with any type of design.