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Transform Your Room to a Study Space with SohoConcept

Transform Your Room to a Study Space with SohoConcept

This school year is different than others with some students going to school, and others completing their studies at home. It can be difficult to suddenly figure out how to transform your room into a nice modern study space, but SohoConcept is here to help you!


I think we can all agree that a desk is one of the most if not the most essential part of a study space. Whether it’s used to place your laptop on, or your study notes, you need a comfortable space to organize these items. It can be so hard to study when our study space is just not tidy or organized. We have some suggestions that will give your room a modern look and make studying at home more exciting than ever!

york desk modern table

Our York Desk has two drawers where you can leave your books, laptops, notes or anything else you need to study. You can quickly grab your items out without spending so much time getting organized before your online lesson starts. Our Modern Desk on the other hand can be extended, which is perfect for whenever you need more space to lay out your notes.


To complete the study space, you need a comfortable chair. Having a comfortable chair can make a big difference in how well you can focus on studying. Imagine sitting on a chair that is so comfortable that you just don’t want to get up from your seat! When looking for a chair we suggest looking for one with a comfortable seat, is height adjustable and a back-rest. Our Patara Office chair has all of these components, and so many colours to choose from.

patara office

Other Suggestions

Other than the most essential parts – chair and desk, there are also other ways you can make your study space nice. We have the following suggestions for you:

- ​Colour:​ Whether it is a painting on the wall, or some plants on your desk, add something that will brighten up the room. It will make studying even on those stressful days not so stressful and fun!

- ​Accessories: ​This can be anything from a picture of a motivational quote, a mug or a nice pen and pencil holder. Put some accessories on your desk that will make studying fun and motivational.

- ​Cleanliness: ​Believe it or not even with a desk things can get disorganized. Take some time after you have completed your studying and assignments to clean up your desk. Seeing a clean desk and organized books, laptop, pens, etc. when you’re about to study can make it a lot more fun and easier to transition into.

Time to Shop

Now that you have read our suggestions, it is time for you to do your own shopping and see what works best for you. You can explore our different collections for chairs and tables to find what is ideal for you. SohoConcept ensures that you will find ​modern furniture​ to suit your theme while being comfortable. Contact us today for any further questions and advice!