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Using Modern Desks for Your Home Office

Using Modern Desks for Your Home Office

Choosing a desk for a home office is no easy tasks. It needs to be practical and functional so you can get your work done, but it also needs to suit your home and style. You don't want a regular cubicle-style desk interrupting your home decor!

With some tips, you can find the perfect modern desk for your home office no matter your style or job. If you're lucky, maybe you'll find a desk that will make you excited to start work every day!

Desks with Storage

Modern desks can come with shelving, drawers, or a complete attached hutch. While many of these can be larger or bulky, some come with sleek shelves or drawers that can still fit into a small office space. If you're a person that references books or paper files often at their job, a desk with this built in storage can make a world of difference versus searching through file cabinets. They can also be helpful if your home doesn't have much storage or room for other shelving. Your desk can double as a bookshelf, stationary drawer, or display case!

The York Desk by sohoConcept is a simple rectangular desk with drawers to fit your key work supplies and keep your tabletop clean and organized.

york desk

Corner Desks

Corner desks are perfect for people who work with multiple computers, tablets, or large format papers. Looking at blueprints, photographs, or designs on a small square desk doesn't usually bode for a successful work day! A corner desk makes it easy to work with multiple mediums at the same time without feeling overcrowded.

Some corner desks are bulky and fit well in a large space. However, a lot of modern desks are being made slimmer, utilitarian, and practical for smaller home office spaces. Because they can fit along the wall, they don't appear to take up as much room as some rectangular desks do. This makes them great for small office spaces or even to fit in a makeshift office in another room.

Glass, Wood, or Metal?

What tabletop surface is right for you? Wood desks may seem more traditional at first, but there are some beautiful modern wood desks available right now that fit with a neutral decor. Light options like ash or Natural Oak like the Malibu Desk or a darker Walnut, like the Billiani Table, fit in a variety of color schemes and rooms. The sleek legs on the Billiani Table make it great for small spaces, as it appears to take up less space.

Glass tabletops are great for people who draw or write on the desk surface, such as making notes on visual designs, blueprints, or drawings. Sometimes, natural wood can be too soft to hold up over long periods and glass may be a better option. When choosing a desk, make sure to check out the legs to ensure they are sturdy. Thin, metal desk legs can look great, but check that they won't bend under pressure!

billiani table

Standing Desks

Standing desks and convertible desks require some dedication, but can be a great option for people looking to be a little more active or whose daily duties require them to move around a lot! If your job requires a lot of computer work, standing desks can be great options as they give you the freedom to take frequent breaks to relax your eyes and wrists.

Most modern standing desks are made from wood or artificial materials to allow for durability and function. They can fit easily into any space as they are often slim and rectangular. A convertible desk gives you a great option for a home office as you can use it to stand or sit, depending on what your daily tasks call for.

Simple Modern Desks

For many people with home offices, a simple rectangular modern desk works perfectly in their decor and for their jobs. Simple wooden or glass table tops with metal or thin wood legs are perfect for a laptop, calendar, and notebook to get your work done.

Extendable desks and tables can also be good options for a simple modern desk as they don't take up too much space, but when the task calls for it, can be extended to provided more office space. Desks like the Modern Desk and Niagara Extendable Table are great options for this.

niagara table

Modern Desks by sohoConcept

If you're looking for a modern desk for your home office, check out our catalogue! We offer a variety of simple modern desks that are perfect for large and small spaces alike. For more information, contact one of our experienced customer service reps to help you find the best option for your space.