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Wood or Metal - What's Better for Dining Rooms?

Wood or Metal - What's Better for Dining Rooms?

There are a number of things to consider when choosing dining room furniture. The shape of your dining room, the amount of people who will use it regularly, how often you have guests – all of these factors play a role in the furniture you will buy. Along with affordability and a timeless style, it's important to choose a material for your dining table and chairs that will last, be comfortable, and are constructed well.

There are many materials to choose from for dining room furniture, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Two of the most common choices are between wood and metals. Deciding between wood furniture or metal furniture can be tricky, and often depends on your unique style and budget. sohoConcept has some tips for helping you choose which modern dining room furniture material is right for your home.

Wood Dining Furniture

Solid wood dining furniture is a classic material. It's what comes to mind when you think of turn-of-the-century, traditional furniture. But modern furniture designers are using solid wood to create trendy pieces for the dining room that aren't at all reminiscent of your grandmother's house!

Solid wood is typically the most expensive type of dining room furniture, especially solid wood dining tables. It's extremely durable and long lasting and comes with the benefit of being easy to repair. However, as it's a natural material, it expands and contracts with heat, humidity, and cooler temperatures, causing unevenness. It can also show scratches and wear, even with finishing and regular treatments. If your dining room is a high-traffic area, solid wood may start to show its age sooner than it should!

There's also the option for wood-look, or veneers, as an alternative to solid wood. As long as it's clearly labeled with a good core interior and a uniform finish, wood veneer is a great, less expensive alternative to solid wood.

Metal Dining Furniture

There are a number of metal types used to construct modern dining furniture, however, it's used much more frequently for table bases than for table tops. While a stainless steel dining room table top would take any industrial look to the next level, they are a rarer find!

Metal table legs, however, come with some benefits over wood, due to their resiliency. They are not susceptible to humidity or temperatures, meaning your chairs and table will stay solid for years to come. They also don't knick or scratch as easily as wood. Metal dining room furniture is also typically less expensive than solid wood.

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Modern metal dining chairs are some of the most diverse furniture options available right now. There are amazing designs, styles, upholsteries, fabrics, and colours being used that will compliment any interior design. Check out sohoConcept's wide selection of metal dining chairs perfect for any occasion!

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Mix and Match for Your Perfect Space

Whatever your style and budget, sohoConcept can help you find the perfect dining table and modern chairs for your space. With wood tables, metal accents, wood dining chairs, and metal dining chairs, you can find a matching set or choose from different ones to fit your aesthetic!

Mixing metals and wood, when done tastefully and consistently, is a modern design trend that we at sohoConcept fully support. We're always available to help you find the perfect pieces for your modern dining room! Get in touch today.