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Wool vs Leather - Which Upholstery is Right for Me?

Wool vs Leather - Which Upholstery is Right for Me?

Choosing an upholstery for your modern furniture comes with a lot more thought than just picking a colour! There are a variety of options available when choosing furniture, each with their own pros and cons.

Leather and wool are among the most popular types of upholstery for modern furniture in businesses and offices because of their durability, feel, and look. At sohoConcept, we are always asked about the benefits of different upholstery options. Leather and wool both come with great benefits and very few drawbacks, making them ideal for the hospitality industry, homes, offices, and more.

Wool Upholstery for Modern Furniture

Wool is a durable material to use for modern furniture upholstery. It is usually blended with a synethic fiber to make it easier to clean and reduce the possibility of blending and hardening.

The most important thing about wool is that cleaning it must be kept up regularly. Vacuuming must be done regularly as the build-up of dust and dirt can damage wool long term. Spills can be cleaned up as soon as they happen with mild soap and water and left to air dry. Wool can also be professionally cleaned in the event of a massive spill or stain! Some wool slipcovers can also be removed and washed right in the washing machine, depending on the blend!

Wool is breathable, moisture repellent, and resistant to mildew and mold. It also stands up to fading and wrinkling even in sunlight or washing. It's able to keep its shape for years without stretching or sagging.

Depending on the blend, wool furniture can sometimes feel rough or trigger allergies in some people. If stains are not removed promptly, they may become permanent and could be easily visible on any colour upholstery you choose.

Leather Modern Furniture

Leather is a tough material that is comfortable, looks great, and can be durable for a number of uses. It's often an investment, as leather furniture can come with a bit of a price tag, but you can be confident that it will last under heavy use. Full grain and top grain leather both have great texture and durability that will stand up to heavy use.

A great benefit of leather is that it is easy to clean. It can be gently vacuumed, wiped with a damp cloth as needed, or cleaned more thoroughly with leather conditioner. A liquid spill can be blotted with a dry cloth and a gentle soap can be used if necessary. Leather cleaners are available for multiple grains and colours, allowing you to keep your leather furniture looking like new.

For well-travelled areas, dark leathers like black and grey are best as they won't show distress or small marks. Distressed leather can also be a great option for long term use, as fading and blemishes blend right in and it will just continue to soften with use.

Leather can be prone to cracking if not regularly moisturized with leather conditioner. If left in an area with sunlight, the leather will fade over time.

Ready to Decide?

Both wool and leather furniture are great options for a lot of homes or businesses. Restaurants, lounges, bars, hotels, and offices regularly use furniture with both types of upholstery because of their durability. As long as you're able to keep the material clean with vacuuming and wiping down spills and crumbs, both types of upholstery will do great for modern furniture in almost any setting.

sohoConcept offers modern furniture with upholstery available in wool, leather, PPM, and more to suit your home or business' needs. Talk to one of our service agents to get more information about the blends available and find out which modern furniture upholstery is right for you!

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